Easy Classroom Management Hacks: Google Docs

The end of year is the absolute busiest times for most teachers. As I am administering the last SRI of the year, I am constantly thinking forward to what next year will be like. Who is staying, who is graduating, and who are the new students that will fill the classroom in just a few short months? If you are in a small district where you may be the only Stage B READ 180 teacher this task may be pretty simple. However, for larger districts this can be an overwhelming task.

One of the things we have worked on for the last two years is a smoother transition for READ 180 students from elementary to middle school and from middle school to high school. We found the first two years of implementation our enrollment at the beginning of each year was a mess. We had students get re-enrolled who graduated, students who were left off rosters, and we had some classes over-filled while others had multiple open seats. Last year we spent a lot of time meeting face to face to facilitate a more accurate start to this school year. We were successful, but it took a considerable amount of coordinating schedules.

In the last year our district has utilized Google docs for multiple projects that required updated information from multiple staff who were working out of multiple buildings. In my building we also decided we wanted to try to communicate more efficiently with Google docs. Over the school year this has been extremely successful for a diverse number of tasks and documents. As we started the discussion of enrollment for the 14-15 school year, we decided that Google docs were going to be our saving grace.

Within each of our schools we created a Google doc spreadsheet of our current students and made recommendations for the next school year. In Joplin, we have three middle schools so we made a collaborative Google doc that was for our 8th graders who were moving on to high school next year and we shared that with the high school READ 180 teachers. For our 12 elementary schools, a spreadsheet was also created for the 5th graders who were moving to the middle schools and they shared it with us. Due to this we will leave this summer with a better handle on the students we are getting in the fall, as well as more efficiently sharing information about the students we are saying goodbye to as they move to high school. At an administrative level this makes getting resources, making sure we have enough seats, and ensuring we have adequate teachers as simple as opening the Google docs we have all shared with them.  We are absolutely thrilled about how Google docs has simplified and made more efficient our enrollment process.

Setting up a Google Doc account is as simple as going to: docs.google.com and selecting “Create An Account”. You can create a document, spreadsheet, form, drawing, or presentation. You can upload files as attachment that you have already created. There is control over who you share documents with, as well as whether or not those who have a document shared with them can edit it or read it only.

Stage B READ 180 Classroom Teacher
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