Stage B
180 Story Resources and More!

My former blog titled "What Will Your READ 180 Story Be?"  highlighted tips to get your students thinking about how they can make a "180" in your classes this year. 

For my students, grasping the concept of making a "180", along with strategies to achieve it, requires constant mini-lessons that remind them of the importance of "Mindset" and how effort and perseverance will help them to achieve both the short- and long-term goals they have for themselves. My students' learning needs require systematic scaffolded instruction, so I created three Google Docs that will help them to navigate their story.

In Google Classroom, I asked my students to complete questions-- some taken from the Stage B ReaL Book-- about where they currently see themselves as learners and where they see themselves as pupils in future months.

What Will Your "180" Story Be Google Docs (Part 1,   Part 2  , and Part 3  ) Converted to Microsoft Word

Some of my students' responses to the questions posed about "The 180 Effect"

In READ 180 I imagine:

  • that I will finish System 44 and start READ 180
  • that I will raise my hand and participate more
  • that I can read fun and exciting stories about things I like, such as cars and technology
  • doing well on the software and winning an award in the Spring
  • turning in my homework on time and learning how to write better
  • my teacher noticing my progress in class because my parents notice it at home

In School I imagine:

  • doing what I am supposed to do in my classes
  • that it will be a place of learning and fun
  • joining a club and trying out for a sport
  • keeping a growth mindset in all of my classes and staying calm when things go wrong
  • keeping my phone off, staying focused, and listening to my teachers

At Home I imagine:

  • a place where I can fix broken things and repairing electronics because I am good at this
  • cooking with my mom, learning new recipes and building things with my dad
  • behaving myself and doing my homework so that I can ride my scooter for a long time
  • doing my chores and being nice to my brother and two sisters

With My Friends I imagine:

  • playing new video games
  • sharing secrets
  • getting together with them more
  • being a good friend
  • asking them how to shoot baskets in basketball and how to keep safe on a bike
  • helping my friends when they need help

I also shared video clips of people who succeeded in life despite numerous failures they experienced while achieving their goals.


Inky Johnson: A football player who refused to allow tragedy and obstacles to define his life. 

I am doing everything I can to teach my students how to set goals and to create and implement strategies that will help them to achieve those goals. With the right mindset, along with effort and perseverance, I believe that all of my students will make a "180" this year.

System 44 Educator