Stage A
Supporting Our English Language Learners

Given the recent influx of English Language Learners that many schools across the country are experiencing, I thought it would be worth while to give us a quick checklist of the supports that READ 180 has in place for these special students.

Whole and Small Group Instruction:

Take advantage of the anchor videos, both before beginning a workshop and before reading each new article.  Seeing them multiple times can be very beneficial for students learning English.

And, make sure you are playing each video in both English and Spanish.

During your instruction, try to maintain a strong focus on vocabulary development.  Use your Red Routine 1 for those target words and continuously elaborate on any other words or concepts your ELL students may struggle with.  (Never assume they know something!)

   Also, remember that your differentiation checkpoints can be a great place to pull in some language skills...

...especially from your RDI 3 manual "Strategies for English Language Learners"

Instructional Software:

Double check to make sure your ELL's have the proper accommodations turned on in SAM.


Step 2...

Reading Group:

The graphic novels can be great for our English Language Learners.

So are the READ 180 Audiobooks!

Final Thought:

One of the best things you can do to help your language learners is to make sure they are comfortable in your room.  Let them know that you understand the difficulties they will encounter, that you believe they will overcome them, and that you'll be doing everything you can to help them along the way:)

Stage A READ 180 Educator
  • I hope teachers will read your article and advices!