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Success Story: Defying Doubt

Janiel's System 44 and READ 180 transformation has been truly remarkable to witness. Since beginning the programs in third grade, Janiel has gone from a severely struggling decoder (one who used to have difficulty sounding out simple, three letter words) to a proficient reader. He entered the programs frustrated and filled with self-doubt and is now a confident, hard-working student.  He is a shining example of the power of persistence, one whose story might help inspire your own students. 

Here is Janiel's story in his own words: 

"Ever since I started school, I never believed in myself.  I didn't know how to read, I was terrible at math, and I was still having trouble learning English.  I failed... a lot.  I felt stupid.  I felt like I could never get better." 

"All my teachers tried to help me, but nothing really worked... especially with my reading.  I got caught up with math as I got older, but my reading was still awful."

"When I found out I was starting System 44, I knew it wasn't going to work.  And I told my teacher that.  I told him, "I can't read and I'll never be able to."

"System 44 was really hard for me.  I had a hard time sounding out the words.  I had trouble spelling and even doing the sound games was really tricky for me.  But after a few months, I noticed that I was getting better.  I could read words that I never could before.  I started to feel more confident.  I started to feel happier.  I started to believe that I could really do it."
"Now that I'm in READ 180 I am reading at my grade level.  I got proficient on my last Lexile test!  I've gone up over 750 points!"

"My goal is to be reading at Advanced by the end of the year.  I know it is going to be really challenging, but I'm determined to do it.  I'm reading everyday and trying to become the best reader I can."

READ 180 changed my life and I know that any other kid can do what I did.  I was really bad at reading and if I can get better I know they can too.  When I grow up I want to be a READ 180 teacher.  I'm going to help kids just like me."  

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    What a great story) I am very glad that we have got such great pupils