Setting Up For a Successful Year with READ 180

The beginning of a new year is fast approaching… less than a week away for some of us… and its time to transition our brains from summer to business. Here’s a quick checklist for getting our rooms (and minds) ready for the new year:

Stage A Blog, Scott Toonder's classroom.

Technology Check:

  1. Make sure all Student computers are operational and are able to log into your READ 180 server
  2. Few things are worse than going to do your first rotation and realizing one of your internet connections is out… trust me, I’ve been through it!)
  3. Make sure all CD Players or other listening devices in the Independent Reading Group are working.
  4. Check: Power sources (plug in or batteries), Headphones, and whether or not they will actually play:)
  5. Do a test run on your projector and connection to your dashboard for rBook lessons
  6. Make sure your log in into SAM is working (and that the password hasn’t been changed on you).

Materials Check:

  1. Do I have enough rBooksAlways a good idea to try and scrounge up a few extra in case you get new students a few weeks in!
  2. Where is my teacher’s manual? Will it fall apart when I first go to open it? (Replace if needed.)
  3. Is the Independent Library organized? Do any of the books look like a dog came in over the summer and ate them? (Replace if needed.)
  4. Do I have my printouts ready? “First Three Weeks” handouts, reading logs, quick-write worksheets, printouts of software stories, etc…

Mind Check:

  1. Review your “First Three Weeks” and start planning on how to best make it fit your schedule.
  2. Review Best Practices and Instructional Routines from your rBook Teacher’s Edition
  3. Consider reading a professional text on reading instruction to get your brain moving again… I highly recommend “It’s Not Complicated” by Phyllis C. Hunter!
  4. Consider reviewing some blog posts on the community.

Here are a few Stage A Blogs that may be good for back to school:

Heart Check:

Remind yourself how important every second you have with your students is!Think of some students from years past who you’ve had a great impact on and tell yourself your going to make that kid of difference again! Remember that you may be the one to save a students life through your kind smile, your words of encouragement, and yes, maybe even your reading instruction!

Remember to also download the READ 180 Power Up Card and Checklist to help prepare you for the new school year. 

Stage A READ 180 Educator
  • Great advice for new teachers!

    Thanks for the check list, Scott. CHECK!

    I agree Phyllis C. Hunter's book is a wonderful resource for all students. Thanks for your other ideas and checklists.

    I agree Phyllis C. Hunter's book is a wonderful resource for all students. Thanks for your other ideas and check lists.