A September Success Story

One of the coolest parts of being a READ 180 teacher is looking back on the incredible stories of your previous students. This is especially true when, at the beginning of the year, you look over a student’s accomplishments and come to the happy understanding that they no longer need you!

That’s exactly what happened a few days ago when our school was weeding through the previous year’s test scores and trying to determine who might need the program this year.

To say that Malachi, at the beginning of his fourth grade year, was a reluctant reader would be a drastic understatement. He hated reading!  And he hated reading for the most common of reasons… it was incredibly laborious for him.

Malachi’s low state reading assessment scores and pour fluency made him an obvious candidate for the READ 180 program, and this was confirmed when we went through with the initial testing. His SRI revealed a Lexile level of BR. His SPI showed that he had severe weaknesses in decoding.

Malachi was placed in the READ 180 program during the day and received System 44 intervention in after-school tutoring. Here’s what he has to say about those first few days…

“When I first started READ 180, I hated reading,” Malachi says. “I thought that reading was no fun. I thought it was really boring. I knew I wasn’t good at it.”

Malachi had a lot of work ahead of him… 90 minutes of READ 180 during the school day and another 75 minutes of System 44 after school.

It was no easy climb. Frustrations and fatigue were real obstacles and often he didn’t think he had what it took to do it. But he kept on fighting! And his results were truly spectacular!

By the end of the year, Malachi had completed the System 44 program. He achieved grade-level on his end-of-year fluency test! His Lexile climbed 648 points! And he achieved a proficient on his fourth grade state reading assessment!

“Now, I think reading is fun,” Malachi says. “I’ve got much better at it and now I don’t need as much help with it anymore.”

Malachi’s story serves as an inspiration for any student who doubts their ability to close the achievement gap. Tell your kids about his amazing progress! Maybe it help one of them reach for the stars!

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In addition to sharing Malachi's story, inspire your students with the story of Jorvorskie Lane, a former READ 180 student who overcame his struggles with reading to pursue his dream of playing for the NFL.

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  • Thanks for sharing!

    I really like how he was able to receive Read 180 and System 44 to help him accomplish such a great goal!

    This is a very inspiring story. Congrats to Malachi and to you! That is a great achievement. It's stories like these when we as educators realize the hard work and dedication from both teacher and student is paying off! Thank you so much for sharing!

    This is my first year so I am looking forward to lots of success stories in the future.

    This is my first year so I am looking forward to lots of success stories in the future.

    A very inspiring success story. I particularly like how he was given READ 180 and System 44 Instruction. Thanks for sharing!