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Spring Reading Contest

The Winter Olympics are over and it's time to prepare for spring break and summer vacation! My librarian hosted an incredible Winter Olympics book contest and the students loved it! To celebrate warmer weather, I've introduced a new reading contest in room #1220! Ready, set, read!!

Competition begins April 2nd 

On April 2nd, students sign up for the contest(s) of their choice before or after school or during lunch in the library. (Using the library as a sign-up location gets students there to then check out books and lets them ownership of joining the competition on their own.) Check with your librarian to get permission on this day to use the library. Students may sign up for more than one contest.

Competition ends April 23rd
Students must turn in a sheet of paper with signatures from students, parents, or staff proving they read the book. Students share parts of the book they read before asking for a signature. Inform students this part is based mostly on honesty and integrity because you're just collecting the sheets to help you in the award ceremony.

Gold Medal Awards:

1. Get four friends to read the same book
2. Read a fiction, nonfiction, and readers’ choice book
3. Read a graphic novel, a fantasy book, and a magazine
4. Read 20 minutes every day for 21 days (420 total minutes)
5. Read three fiction books
6. Read three nonfiction books
7. Read three books from the same author
8. Read three books from different Genres

Silver Medal Awards:

1. Get three friends to read the same book
2. Read a fiction and nonfiction book
3. Read a fantasy book and two magazines
4. Read 15 minutes a day for 21 days (315 minutes)
5. Read two fiction books
6. Read two nonfiction books
7. Read two books from the same author
8. Read two books from different Genres

Bronze Medal Awards: 

1. Get a friend to read the same book
2. Read a fiction or nonfiction book
3. Read three magazines
4. Read 10 minutes a day (210 minutes)
5. Read a fiction and a nonfiction book

On April 25th, the reading celebration will take place after school. Invite a few teachers and administrators to help in the festivities. At the reading celebration, students can have their picture taken in front of a beach scene with beach balls, beach towels, floats, sunglasses, sunscreen, Frisbees, hula hoops, and more.

Students will receive Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals along with a goody bag of treats.

Advertise, talk it up, and even join in the competition! You too will have just as much fun in reading and celebrating!

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  • Students only have to complete one task to receive the medal. Hope your students have fun! :-)

    This is so neat! Do students complete all of the tasks listed in order to receive that medal or do they only need to complete one task?