READ 180 Classroom Organization Designed for Upward Movement

Setting up your classroom and procedures before school starts will help make for a successful school year and fill you with anticipation for the instructional conversations and growth that are going to occur within the environment.

Setting Up Your Classroom: Whole and Small Group Learning

1. Arrange desks or tables to allow for teacher directed instruction and student interaction. My student desks are placed in three groups of six or three groups of four and one group of eight.

2. Create a Small Group Instruction area that allows you to monitor the other rotations. Place the table or group area where your seat can see the computers facing outward during the instructional software rotation. You may want to consider having the Independent Reading rotation spread out throughout the classroom so students have their own personal space. In thinking about where I tend to sit during small-group, I move a few times until I find the best spot for a 360 degree view.

3. Set up an Interactive White Board or a LCD projector to project your Digital TE onto a screen. For example, my Small Group rotation is right in front of my Promethean Board so we can easily use it and not interrupt the other rotations.

4. Create storage for student materials and class work. Place folders and ReaL Book materials in crates for easy access to students as they enter the classroom.

Setting Up Your Classroom: Student Application


1. Set up 5-7 computers and or tablets, screens facing out for easy monitoring.


2. Label the rotation area, and post procedures. I tape the Zone expectations on the side of each computer.


3. Number works stations and headsets.


4. Use a notebook for students to log technology issues and assign a "Technology Assistant". This student can help with minor computer issues so you are able to teach in Small Group and not be interrupted.


5. Set up computer stations near outlets.


6. Place the HMH software posters near the computers and or tablets to encourage students to read them.

Setting Up Your Classroom: Independent Reading


1. Use comfortable furniture to create reading areas throughout the room.


2. Label the rotation area, post procedures, and display library posters. Place the HMH library posters near the classroom library selections.


3. Set up a computer or tablet workstation for students to take book quizzes and access eReads and eBooks.


4. Create storage for Reading Logs, QuickWrites, and Graphic Organizers. I place these papers in individual folders in crates near the classroom library.


Remember to teach your students how to rotate in a timely manner and what is expected in each rotation. Take time at the beginning of the year to establish these classroom procedures so everyone knows what is expected of them in the READ 180 classroom at all times. Exciting news! Much of this instruction is built into the Getting Started Module. Enjoy getting started.

Stage C READ 180 Educator

Philosophy of Teaching All of my life, I have enjoyed working with children and have always desired to teach. It is my belief that no matter what socio-economic background, everyone deserves to achieve his/her educational goals. It is my ambition to facilitate this process.Growing up in the Houston area, I have always been aware of the Cypress-Fairbanks School District. The district's reputation of excellence is well known, not only in the Houston metroplex, but throughout the state of Texas. As a professional educator, it is important to be associated with a school district whose goals for its students are aligned with my philosophy of teaching.