Passport to Success
Reading, Reading, Reading Competition
Reading, reading, reading! Start 2018 with class and individual reading competitions! 

My classes have been competing to read to the top of our paper FRED's head since November. We are 3/4 of the way there! Check out our individual class competition to the top of his head in the picture and then take a look at how we stacked all of the classes’ books. We weren't able to stack all of the books because the tower started to lean! 

Students are excited to check their individual and class word counts. Students earn reading certificates for most words read, most books read, and for reading books closest to their Lexile. 

In the SAM Roster, click certificates, and type individual messages to students for their accomplishments. Students are excited to win the award. I have classmates sign the certificates and congratulate each of the award winners. Students have shared that the awards are decorating their bedroom walls.

Well, you might be asking what happens when we read to the top of FREDhead? Well, probably pat ourselves on the back and be happy! The competitions are fun, and the thrill is just winning! Life is about setting goals and going after them! The reward is VICTORY and knowing you have accomplished it!

My 3/4 block is in first place with 1,329,653 words read! Each student received an award certificate for hard work, supporting each other in reading, and continuing to have a strong reading ethic. The highest individual student word count is 990,916. My 6/7 block is in first place in the race to the top of FREDS head with 94 passing book quizzes, graphic organizers and Quick Writes completed. 

The students are reading and encouraging each other. How exciting it is to hear students recommend books to each other and cheer when a book quiz is passed!

Trace a volunteer in your class on paper, name it, and start your competition to the top of its head! Post it and share your class pictures! Good Luck in the Race to the Top!!

Stage C READ 180 Educator

Philosophy of Teaching All of my life, I have enjoyed working with children and have always desired to teach. It is my belief that no matter what socio-economic background, everyone deserves to achieve his/her educational goals. It is my ambition to facilitate this process.Growing up in the Houston area, I have always been aware of the Cypress-Fairbanks School District. The district's reputation of excellence is well known, not only in the Houston metroplex, but throughout the state of Texas. As a professional educator, it is important to be associated with a school district whose goals for its students are aligned with my philosophy of teaching.