Passport to Success
5 Minute Book Share

The book projects were completed and displayed in our classroom, but they were too good to be ignored!

To help students with their academic language, comfort level with speaking in front of the class, and positive peer pressure to the a READ 180 books, another idea was born. Sharing the book projects for the first five minutes of class turned out to be a fun way to begin the period. All the projects were displayed on the students' desks. Students and the teacher chose a project and shared their responses with each other for three minutes. Next, we took two minutes to have student volunteers do a whole-group share out. 

When the timer rang, we stacked the book projects, and jumped into the READ 180 Universal "Do Now" question and sentence stems.

Each day a set of sentence stems were displayed on the Promethean Board. There were three questions on the screen and students chose two to complete. 


1. The book that I am going to speak about is...
2. My two favorite book panels are _________ and _________ blank because...

3. I rate this book a _________ after reading about it on the four panels.


1. I would like to share that...
2. I rate this book project a ________ because...

3. I (was/wasn't) convinced to read this book because...


1. My favorite part of this project is ____________ because...
2. The author of this book is ______________. 

3. The creator of this project is...


1. Create your own statement.
2. I (am/am not) going to read this book because... 

3. In my opinion, the best book project in our classroom is ______________ because...


1. The similarities to my project were...
2. The differences to my project were...

3. Create your own statement.

The following statements were created and shared by two of my READ 180 students. When students are given the chance to shine they usually rise to the occasion! 

Student One:

Title: Antony and Cleopatra

Adapted by Trina Robbins

Illustrated by Mike Lilly

The following description of the book project cover was written by my phenomenal student.

1. The crown symbolizes Cleopatra. The Queen of Egypt.

2. The flame symbolizes Antony's passion for Cleopatra.
3. The sword symbolizes Antony's death.

4. The snake (asp) symbolizes Cleopatra's death.

Student Two:

Title: College 101

Author: Don Rauf

My students commented it was fun to be able to see all the different projects and that the time and effort they put in to them was appreciated!

If you haven't had the students share what they're reading, give it a try in the next few days. I'm telling you, the positive book peer pressure is a sight to see!

Have the students complete this activity at school or at home when they want to see how long a book should take them to finish.

1. Find a page in a book.

2. Read for one minute.
3. Count how many pages were read: __________.
4. Multiply that number __________ by 20= __________.
5. Divide that number in to the number of pages in the book. __________

6. It will take ___________ days to read this book.

Let students know if they read 20 minutes each night, it will take half the number of days to finish the book!

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