Enjoying Your Time is a Crucial Part of Back to School

Teachers deserve to enjoy every drop of summer possible.... but, it's never too early to get a jump on preparations for next year. There have been years where I was so well prepared, the beginning of school was a breeze. Unfortunately, there have also been years where I was not as well prepared and it made for a rough start to the new year. No one wants to start off the year frantically scraping together materials and plans, so consider starting now, so you can kick off the next school year like a teacher ninja!

The 2018-2019 school year will be my 9th year teaching READ 180 and System 44. I have been tempted to "wing it", however, I also know that with the chaos of new school year, there is so much unpredictability to throw me off track. This is why I use Getting Started Your First Three Weeks With READ 180, the Next Generation resource for lessons and modeling to support a successful start. My first couple of years teaching, I can't even imagine how the beginning of the year would have gone if I didn't have this resource. At first, I was concerned that the students who have been in the program more than one year would have a hard time participating in the same things at the beginning of each year, but I have never had a student who didn't enjoy doing the activities, even if they remembered them from previous years. In fact, it allows the continuing students to share their expertise.

The Getting Started resource gives me the opportunity to easily establish a routine and build relationships with my students. It includes a weekly schedule for the first three weeks that is detailed with time, preparations, and materials needed, as well as extra resources and tips. For each of the activities that has a printable, it gives locations and SAM keywords to print off copies. One of my favorite parts about Getting Started is that it's available on the ITS - Interactive Teaching System where you can can click on links to all of the resources and printables. 

When this new year starts, being prepared will empower you and your students to start your journey on a course to a successful year. I wish you a restful and fun summer break and a big THANK YOU for all you do for your students!

Stage B READ 180 Classroom Teacher