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What to Look for in a Teacher 180 Award Nominee
  • January 29, 2018
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The 180 Awards are not just for honoring students. Educators who lead classrooms using READ 180MATH 180, or System 44 intervention programs are eligible to be celebrated as well.  

What makes a teacher a great candidate for the 180 Award? These general eligibility guidelines are a good place to start, but the following qualities attributed to Amy Dendinger, a READ 180 teacher at Tiffin Middle School and previous 180 Award winner in the educator category, present a picture of what an ideal educator nominee might look like:



“What sets apart my class from other reading classrooms is that the instruction is student-driven and delivered to address individual student needs.”



“Being able to share my student’s growth is the best feeling in the world.”



“I am so fortunate to come in every day and teach something that I’m so passionate about.”



“Because of the award… I’ve been able to share more on a community level about some of the successes our students are having.”


Problem Solver:

“Many of my students before READ 180 had never independently read a book from start to finish.”


To learn more about Amy Dendinger’s READ 180 teaching experience, watch this video:




Do you know a committed teacher who has helped advance learning outcomes for their READ 180MATH 180, and System 44 students?

Don’t miss the deadline! Honor a fellow educator with a nomination for a 180 Award! Learn more about contest prizes and how to nominate an educator here: http://educatorcommunity.hmhco.com/article/honors-awards


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