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What to Look for in a Student 180 Award Nominee
  • January 16, 2018
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180 Award season is here! It’s time to start gathering your materials to nominate students who’ve worked hard to overcome challenges and who have excelled exponentially in either READ 180®, MATH 180®, or System 44®.

In making your selections, it’s important to know the applicable criteria to look for when making a student 180 Award nomination.

Here are some general eligibility guidelines, but this snapshot of one of our past winners should provide some examples of the qualities and characteristics that an all-star student nominee should have.

As a previous winner of the 180 Award, Jaeden personifies the top five qualities we look for in all 180 Award nominees:


To be successful in any intervention program, a positive attitude is key. Being open and receptive to learning new things in new ways will only help students comprehend and retain challenging material. In vetting Jaeden as a contest candidate, we learned that a big reason for his success in System 44® was his positive approach to the learning process.



Learning mathematical formulas, practicing reading comprehension, and discovering and applying literary concepts can be exciting but also arduous for students who need extra assistance. It can be tempting to give up, but those who persist are rewarded with powerful knowledge that they can use for the rest of their lives. Due to Jaeden’s tenacity and determination, he was able to increase his Lexile® score by 210L. Also, with his 180 Award win, he secured prize money that can be used for his education. Persistence truly pays off!



Skills coupled with belief is a potent combination. When students are confident in their abilities, the door is open for them to achieve elevated success in and beyond the classroom:

“System 44® helps us to instill a love of learning and reading in our students. As Jaeden’s confidence increases, his need for teacher intervention decreases, turning him into an independent learner. Although mistakes will always be made, he is now able to accept them and work to be better the next time around. With Jaeden’s increased confidence and a positive attitude, there is no telling what he’ll go on to accomplish.” — Brittany Dominguez, Jaeden’s teacher at Carteret Middle School



One of the main tenets of learning is the ability to create or innovate and take what you originally learned to a higher level. With Jaeden’s new-found literacy skills, he had the opportunity to serve as a book review reporter for his school’s news program and he is now building on his aspirations to become a designer for LEGO® once he graduates from college.



One of the main objectives educators have is to encourage their students to develop a love for reading or math outside of the classroom. Independent learners hold themselves accountable for what they learn and yearn to explore subjects and topics outside of their assigned curriculum. As a successful System 44® student, Jaeden was often asked to help other students in the program. All of the skills and experience he has gained have helped him to develop not only into a proactive learner, but also a student leader. 

To get to know more about Jaeden’s 180 Award journey, watch this clip featuring his teacher, Brittany Dominguez: https://youtu.be/WIru9RSVVrs.

Do you have students in your class who exemplify the qualities we’ve described?

Don’t miss the deadline! Honor a student with a nomination for a 180 Award! Learn more here: http://educatorcommunity.hmhco.com/article/honors-awards




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  • As Jaeden’s confidence increases, his need for teacher intervention decreases, turning him into an independent learner. Thanks https://ggather.com/googleclone