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Back-to-School: READ 180 Teacher Shopping Guide

Attention Teachers --- it is that time of year again! Here are a few tips to help you get you thinking about back to school shopping and classroom set-up for the upcoming year.

1.  Organization is Key!  

If there is one thing I have learned as a READ 180 teacher, it is that starting the year organized sets the tone for students about your expectations for the classroom.    

Sterlite Mini Crates from Walmart are a wonderful addition for any READ 180 library

Collapsible cubes from Walmart are great for storing classroom headphones.    

2.  Flexible seating is a game changer!  

Creating a comfortable environment for students can have a dramatic impact on their productivity.

Walmart has Big Joe Beanbags that would perfect for independent reading.

Stability balls can be a great addition to your small group time. They have been shown to increase student attention and posture. Check out Walmart they have stability balls of $7.97. 

3.  Unsure of how to keep your readers accountable during independent reading? Consider interactive notebooks!

Staples has composition notebooks $0.50 each.

4.  Classroom management is vital for setting up your READ 180 classroom up for success.  

Establish these early on to minimize obstacles later in the year.

Consider hanging a chalkboard right inside your classroom door. This will allow you to let students know what materials they will need to gather before class begins and limit time wasted during class attempting to gather materials. I love this chalkboard from Target for $14.99 because I can also hang my hall and bathroom passes for easy access.

You can increase your student response time and minimize time off-task with personal dry erase boards from Amazon.  Each board, marker, and eraser comes out to $0.66 a student.

5.  Don’t forget the essentials!

Pencils (144 pre-sharpened pencils for $14 at Amazon), highlighters (24 of $5.50 at Amazon), erasers (144 Pencil eraser tops for $4.39 at Amazon), poster putty ($2.75 at Amazon), glue sticks (18 for $6.16 at Amazon).

What are your must-have purchases before school starts?


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