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Are You Ready for the 12th Annual HMH 180 Awards?

Do you know a student or educator that has made great strides in the past year? Nominate them! It’s almost time for the 12th Annual HMH 180 Awards!

For over a decade, students and educators have been acknowledged and honored by the administrators of the annual 180 Awards. With the 12th year of the award program launching in 2018 on January 4, here are some takeaways from previous winners, preliminary contest information for next year’s nominations, and a preview of the prizes that will be awarded. 

Why participate? 

Being part of a national movement that recognizes students for academic achievement in math and reading—as well as honoring teachers for professional excellence—can be rewarding in so many ways. First, nominating students is a great way to celebrate their progress and encourage them to pursue future educational and personal advancement. Second, when you distinguish fellow teachers with a nomination, they will become even more invested in their role as educators and feel valued in the work they are doing. Finally, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that because of you, striving young scholars and dedicated educators will be able to contend for amazing prizes and be celebrated by their peers, friends, and families!

“As a teacher, there is no greater reward than to see your students succeed, but for a national spotlight to be on them is the biggest ‘light bulb’ of them all.” -- Mrs. Amy Carter – READ 180 7th & 8th Grades 

Special Education Department Chair, William Davies Middle School, Mays Landing, NJ

Prizes and Prestige

In addition to cash prizes for the student winners, this year’s prizes for educators include an all-expense paid trip to the HMH National Summer Institute (for READ 180 and System 44 winners) or NCTM (for MATH 180 winners), valued at over $1,500, plus $1,000 in educational supplies for the nominators of the winners.*

Prepare to Nominate and Celebrate!

You don’t want to miss this wonderful opportunity to honor a student or a fellow educator with a nomination for a 180 Award! Learn more here: http://educatorcommunity.hmhco.com/article/honors-awards


Start gathering your nomination materials for our January 4, 2018 launch date. Nominations will be accepted through March 7, 2018. Good luck!

* This invitation is for a gift to your school district. By accepting this invitation, you confirm that you have obtained any approval required by your school district.  Acceptance of this invitation does not obligate the attendee or the attendee’s district to purchase HMH materials and/or services. Estimated values of each prize are $1500.00 and $1,000.00 per person/organization.

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