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Celebrating the 180 Awards Educators!

On June 30, at Etch restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee, the winning 180 Awards Educators received recognition for their innovative practices in their classroom.

 With them to celebrate included:

  • Family members
  • HMH's marketing team
  • The Product Development Team
  • Ted Hasselbring: Creator of READ 180
  • Patricia Starek: trainer and developer for System 44
  • Bloggers for the READ 180 Community Website

It was an enjoyable evening where these educators received a speech that succinctly outlined their accomplishments and a beautiful glass trophy which was loved by all.  The brief statements clearly highlighted their success and victories with making incredible progress with their students during the past academic school year.

And when you think about it, their students are our students, as we are all connected in implementing these leading technology programs with our students across the United States.

It was a great time to celebrate the winners, make new connections, and discuss future ways of working with each other to promote best practices using HMH's programs in our classrooms.

Congratulations must also go to Natasha Husein, who worked tirelessly behind the scenes, to make the dinner and event go off without a hitch. Also, the support of Nicole Foster, the Vice President of Marketing was also essential in providing the funds, transportation, and support to make the trip to the Model Schools Conference a success for all invitees.

An excellent time was experienced by all present, and it will be a night that will not only last in our hearts forever, but also serve as an impetus for future growth in the READ 180, System 44 and MATH 180  programs.

I congratulate all of the outstanding educators and look forward to furthering collaboration in the work that we do to increase the knowledge and sets of skills of our students need to acquire to become life-long proficient readers.

It's always a good thing to celebrate educators and their students for the work accomplished during the school year. 

Consider hosting your own awards ceremony in your District. I do this every year, and it continues to provide awareness of the work my students do, as well as, the impact that the Read 180 program is having in my community.

Read this blog to learn how you can celebrate your students' success at local Board of Education meetings.

System 44 Educator