System 44 moving students ahead?

I am noticing a lot of my students, who are on series 1, are becoming frustrated with how easy the software is. They don't understand why they need to sound out the letter M so many time, and frankly, I am feeling the same way. I know they placed on series 1 because of their phonics inventory, but I gave a phonics test myself and I have very few that need that basic instruction. How can I manually change the topic they are on?

By eclerc
Posted on: November 16 2016
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  • It is always a good idea to double check a student's placement with additional assessment methods, which is what you did - the Phonics Inventory and your own phonics test. However, once students have started System 44, their Series placement cannot be adjusted. It can only be changed before a student actually starts System 44 in each student's System 44 Settings in SAM. At this point, because your students are already working in System 44, the only way to change their series is to create new usernames and begin again. If a student is a beginning decoder, they should begin at Series 1. Developing decoder - Series 4. At Series 4, students begin to take a Fast Track Assessment before moving into a Topic, so if they know some, but have some gaps, the software will catch that as long as the students is always doing their job - to do their best. I hope this helps. Debbie

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