Is the Grading Report in S44 what I should use for weekly/bi-weekly grades?

I am new to teaching S44. My concern is that the Grading Report I print on Friday is more of a running score for all work completed by the student so far this quarter rather than scores/percentages for the work done that week. The scores I am speaking of are under the progress monitoring category. Any help on this? Thanks so much!

By martinj
Posted on: November 07 2018
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  • AskDee

    The Grading Report is not designed to be used weekly. It is more useful for quarter grades. If you want to use it weekly, you would need to control the timeframe for the report and not simply run it without altering the timeframe. Even then, it is difficult to use because sometimes students have not done work in all the areas in one week. Dee, Ask Dee at the READ 180 Community

    We are not allowed to use the grading for System 44 or for Read 180 for our gradebooks. Because grades need to be on-grade-level for report cards, I get grades from doing on-level reading passages once a week. When they are on the software, that is on THEIR level. Since it's an intervention program, a lot of those kids are being graded on below-grade-level work which gives false security to parents. A lot of these kids have A's on the software, but it's not reflecting grade level work.

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