We just moved from Read180NG to Read180U and I am having some trouble integrating System44 with Read180U, since they do not correspond (as they did in the past) with similar themes. Is there any advice of how to incorporate the two - rather than it seem jumbled? Thank you in advance!

I did notice this posted a year ago, but I did not see anything in the forum to address: "We are now using Read 180 U, but I'm struggling with the System 44 students. Since the two are from two separate programs, nothing is aligned in realms of topic/content. I do have old System 44 books, but it just doesn't mesh with the U program at all and seems like I'm bringing stuff up out of the blue for the sake of having something to go on. How do others use these two different programs when they are using a mixed model approach?"

Posted on: January 28 2020
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  • AskDee

    You will probably have some difficulty with it this year. You will need to order the 44Books that coordinate with the RealBook. What I would do is have the System 44 students do the Whole Group work with the READ 180 students and then provide appropriate lessons from the RDI books for System 44 and READ 180 in Small Group. If that isn't enough, I would incorporate Decodable Digest lessons in Small Group. Dee, Ask Dee at the READ 180 Community

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