Trying to get true writing grades in Read 180 Universal

In this program there is not a continuous writing program where the kids are practicing the standards consistently (Opinion, Narratives, etc.). Because I teach 4th grade, all I've taught so far since August has been Informative due to the nature of the workshop. There are many writing genres that must be taught in this grade level for the year. One of my biggest issues I've had in the program is not enough time to focus on becoming better writers in the different genres. We go weeks before we get to writing lessons. When we get to those lessons, it's for a week and then we move right back to reading texts again. When we do write that paragraph towards the end of the week we are working on writing, it's so heavily scaffolded, that trying to get a true grade from that in itself is nil. How do others incorporate more genres into writing and get true writing grades? I have a touchstone coming up next week on persuasive writing and we haven't even and won't even touch on that. Yes, I could try in my content area (Soc. St- However, even that's difficult because there's only 45 minutes allotted to that). Yes, we do have them complete sentence frames every day, but that's nowhere near getting them to write a full paragraph the way they need to write.

Posted on: November 10 2018
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  • AskDee

    READ 180 addresses writing, but it is designed to be taught at the levels of the students. If your students are ready for grade-level writing, then you can add that. My theory has always been that READ 180 is an intervention and not grade level. Yes, it addresses all the areas of the Common Core, but it is not designed to follow a particular local curriculum. As a teacher, I feel that it is up to me to make adjustments for the students who can handle them. (1 of 2) Dee, Ask Dee


    We choose to indicate that the reporting for students who cannot handle the grade-level work are not working at grade level with a note on the records and the report card. Students are getting a true reflection of their work and progress at the intervention level and not at grade level, and parents understand that. Dee, Ask Dee at the READ 180 Community

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