Peer feedback improvements

I have been trying to improve my treatment of the writing process. In the past, I have avoided doing peer feedback because it is useless. Kids read over each other's papers and say there is nothing wrong. I tried to direct them, but to no avail.

By tclark
Posted on: October 30 2017
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  • AskDee

    I would suggest that you review the procedures for doing the Peer Feedback Routine in the Red pages of your READ 180 Teacher Edition. Partner 1 states something positive and provides suggestions to revise. Partner 2 clarifies the feedback and then summarizes. Practice this with students. You take the position of Partner 1 and have a student be Partner 2. Then with another student have the student be Partner 1, giving feedback about own writing, and you be Partner 2. Continued in next post . . .


    Coax a couple students to allow you to help them through the process for the group. Personally, I believe doing this in Small Group is better. I also suggest the following Debbie Lee blog post: http://educatorcommunity.hmhco.com/blog/stage-c/peer-essay-feedback-and-self-assessment. Dee, Ask Dee at the READ 180 Community

    That blog is excellent! Definitely need to use this.

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