Independent Reading organization for Universal

The crates got knocked over and all the books have fallen out. I don't remember how to put them back. How are they organized? Is there a list of all the books (including only digital) that go with each level? Are students "allowed" to read books from any crate/level? Did anyone reorganize their books in a way other than how they originally arrived? Thanks so much! Karen

Posted on: July 14 2018
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  • Books are organized by lexile (levels) and alphabetized within the levels. Check under the Independent Reading Rotation tab in your Blended Learning Handbook for a complete list and plot description. the Professional Learning Guide ( see Teaching & Planninng,) Or, click on the Resources tab on HMH teacher Central and look up Independent Reading support materials. It's recommended that students select a book in a range 100 points below their lexile to 50 points above.

    I had mine fall out too....However...when I put them back in my lexile they wouldn't fit in the sections that are already inserted in the crates...that would be a suggestion for HMH - in 180 EE the crates listed the levels - maybe in the future these crates could list the lexiles or even the titles meant to be in the crates... Also...I have 5 sections of 180..I feel like my bookshelf of paperbacks is getting low....has anyone included other books that could be read? In EE I had started buying

    other books so that I had more options for the kids...like for example some series...Among the Hidden. Can these be taken in the Universal Reading Counts or do I have to send them to the old Reading Counts Quizzes program? Thanks so much!

    It seems that Universal limits the books to what comes with the program. If you still have access to the old SRC, there were hundreds of book quizzes available. I allowed many other books then. I either made worksheets for them or had the students do chapter/section summaries before they could take the quiz. Hope that helps!

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