I'm BRAND NEW, taking over an existing class for a teacher who resigned, and need "some" help. I noticed the list of reading books for each lexile level (STAGE B) is rather short. Can students choose books from the generated report, Suggested Books? And if so, will there be a Reading Counts quiz for it? THANKS!

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Posted on: January 10 2018
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  • AskDee

    Students use the READ 180 Library by using books within their Levels. The Levels are indicated on the books themselves. You can supplement with other books, but you will have to use generic QuickWrites and Graphic Organizers. Also, tests for other books are only available if your school subscribes to the expanded Reading Counts licenses or create your own quizzes. See http://educatorcommunity.hmhco.com/blog/stage-c/give-students-credit-for-reading-books-not-in-reading-counts-or-sam. Dee


    Hi Nicole! What an exciting and I'm sure overwhelming role you are stepping into! I recently wrote a blog, "Successful Independent Reading Rotation" that I think could help you. If you haven't had the chance yet to check out the blogs, there are so many really informative blogs. You can search at the top of the Blogs page for specific subjects or you can click on a specific Stage. Good luck and welcome to the READ 180 team!


    Thanks, Tashena. Here's the link to Tashena's blogpost she mentions: http://educatorcommunity.hmhco.com/site/stage-b/blog/successful-independent-reading-rotation. Dee, Ask Dee at the READ 180 Community

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