The Teacher Becomes the Student

SUMMER BREAK!!! No matter how much teaching is a joy, I absolutely cherish summer break. No matter what I have going on during the break, reflecting on the past year and planning for the next year always consumes a good amount of my thoughts. During the school year, it is so incredibly busy and time just flies by. Although, we have some built in time for professional development during the school year, I look forward to summer PD because I know that I can process and really glean the valuable instruction offered. 

In June, I was able to attend the Model Schools Conference in Orlando, FL. In my opinion, the opening session/keynote speaker sets the tone for the entire conference. Eric Sheninger was exactly what I needed to get fired up about teaching, learning, and being excited about the privilege I have in being a teacher. Eric is a motivating speaker, who reminded us that there is joy in teaching, when we remember to keep the “awe” in learning for students. Even though technology is prevalent in today’s education system, Eric’s message was encouraging educators to continue to embrace and integrate technology in our classrooms. However, he warned about using technology without a purpose can be counterproductive. My personal favorite part of Eric’s keynote was the shout out he gave to READ 180, as a leading program that has integrated the use of technology that is adaptive to differentiate and enhance reading intervention instruction. 

There is no way I could do proper justice to Eric’s ideas and teachings, so if you haven’t had the chance yet, consider getting in some summer PD by checking out Eric Sheninger’s website.  You will find information about him, links for his blog, videos, information about his books and much more. You will also find links to connect with Eric on social media. I hope that you have a relaxing summer break that is exactly what you need to return to your classroom refreshed and ready to AWE some students! 


Stage B READ 180 Classroom Teacher
  • It's such a great idea. You could even make a full lenght film about it!