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What are your thoughts on the Common Core?

Scholastic released a study conducted in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on the Common Core. 20,000 teachers participated in our third wave of Primary Sources: America’s Teachers on Teaching in an era of change. 


One finding that struck me was that 57% of teachers surveyed felt the new standards would be positive for most students.

Teachers’ Views on Whether the Common Core State Standards Will Be Positive, Negative or Will Not Make Much of a Difference for Most Students

Base: Teach in a CCSS Adoption State

That said 73% of teachers agreed that implementing the common core is going to be challenging.

Agreement with Statement: I believe implementing the Common Core State Standards is challenging or is going to be challenging

Base: Teach in a CCSS Adoption State and Teach Math, ELA, Science and/or Social Studies

So tell me what you think? Do you concur that implementing the common core will be challenging? If yes, please share where you think the challenges lie. We may have heard from 20,000 teachers but I’d like to hear from you.

  • The CCSS has been fully adopted in the ELA segment of our teaching lives. We are using the MODULES developed in NYState and implementing them in all regular classrooms. From what I have used and seen, the teaching strategies are helpful to developing more comprehension of the written word for our students. As a Read 180 teacher, I have been using the Close Reading strategies prior to the ELA State test to help my students prepare for reading the on level materials they would be required to absorb during the three days of testing. I truly feel the Common Core should be adopted because then we will be using the SAME vocabulary across the board. This is true in ELA and MATH.


    It will be challenging because I teach students who have significant cognitive impairments. Their IQ's are below 60 and they have visual and hearing deficits. They are struggling to make sense of one and two syllable words. I need to prepare them for a career, a job, a vocation...not college. Yet, these nice adolescents must sit for the same Common Core ELA exams in April with the rest of their average to high average classmates. I love my students. I love English. I love reading. All I want is for my students to develop literacy skills that will assist them in their lives. Skills that will help them to become life-long learners in a world that will befriend them. Common Core is good, but not if the end-product of the Core is to unrealistically graduate a group of kids who can reason, think,write, and speak the same. Is this what college professors really want? Is this what businesses seek? I am feeling some disunity in this "All for One- One for All--everyone learn and become the Common Core.Maybe I feel this way because my students have strengths and talents that can't be assessed on Common Core tests. I will stop here to allow further discussion to begin...