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Stretch: Complex, Grade-Level Text

Accelerating READ 180 Students to Independence

READ 180  Stretch is a collection of grade-level complex, nonfiction texts. Each Workshop in the READ 180 rBook has two Stretch texts and corresponding Assessment Practice. This Assessment Practice includes test-taking strategies and instruction related to specific Next Generation Assessment question types.

Use Stretch Text 1 and its related Assessment Practice during the Reading CheckPoint with students who are ready for a more challenging text. After all students have completed the Reading CheckPoint, use Stretch Text 2 and its related Assessment Practice with your whole class.


READ 180 Stretch Text: "Jackie's Nine" (Workshop 9)

Type: Extension Activity Grade: 3 to 6

Posted by Community Manager - 3 Years and 9 Months ago

This Workshop features one little girl who took a big step through a school door to open doors for generations to come.