Making Read 180 and System 44 work in a special ed. highschool classroom

I posted a message in regards to this topic over on the Stage C board before I noticed there is a board for Special Ed.! So I am posting here now too! I am a paraprofessional in a Special Ed. classroom that serves mainly 9th and 10th graders. Does anyone have any suggestions for myself and the teacher I work under? We began using both programs this year and we are still bouncing around trying to fit everything in. Our main area of concern is Independent Reading, how can we make our students more accountable for this area? We have to keep things pretty simple so they aren't overwhelmed but at the same time we want to challenge them so that we keep their interest. If anyone has any suggestions to offer the would be greatly appreciated!

By jlennon
Posted on: March 17 2010
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  • Check out these resources for integrating System 44 in a READ 180 classroom. I am not the creator, that honor goes to Denice and April, Scholastic employees and presenters at NSI 2009. There is a handout and powerpoint that show teachers how to integrate the two programs, helpful reports, and suggestions for grading. You should be able to copy and past the link below OR search resources for "Integrating System 44 in a READ 180 Classroom." http://educatorresources.scholastic.com/index.php?tab=view_published&resourceId=787


    I recommend handling Modeled and Independent Reading a little differently for the System 44 students.  You could have a checkoff sheet for the students in System 44 to mark the "reads" of the book that they have done.  System 44 students need to read each book several times.  They can read the book several different ways: with the audio help (as many times as necessary to prepare the student to read it without audio help) without the audio help answering the questions within the book as they read completing the QuickWrite and Graphic Organizer as they read answering the questions the end of the book One teacher that I have observed made separate question sheets out of the questions within the body of the book, with page numbers, for the students to answer for each book.  She felt that they needed the additional support of having the questions written for them. System 44 students need extra support while they are in Modeled and Independent Reading.  You might even consider printing out the Reading Counts Quiz for them to complete until they become more proficient at reading. Dee

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    I agree with AskDee that System 44 students need extra support while they are in Modeled and Independent Reading. As a High School Special Ed Read 180/System 44 Teacher I have a binder with copies (in page protectors) of all of the book quizzes. Students choose a quiz when they begin reading a book, refer to it each day and quiz themselves. Even though every quiz is different when they take it on the computer, it gives them an idea of what to look for when reading. I also have incentive charts posted so that each student can see their progress. The Quickwrites are also an important tool so that students stay accountable for their reading. Every Friday, I print certificates for every book quiz passed and post on the bulletin board for each student. This is a great motivator. Books read/words read parties at the end of each grading period (during lunch) are very motivational and the students love this.

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