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My name is Cindy Benson and I teach English Language Learners in Fargo, North Dakota. I have been using System 44 with high school ELL students this semester. I have been very pleased with the program. My students love it, and seem to making progress. Many have lived in the U.S. for several years or more and have good command of spoken English, but were still struggling with reading. We have needed something like this for a long time. This program is really helping them to "crack the code." The software is amazing; they like the books in the library and seem to like the System 44 and decodable digests books as well. I like that the students work at their own level and pace. The support from the teachers manual and the SAM resources have been a great to help me with both large group and small group instruction. I am not a trained reading specialist, but System 44 has turned me into a reading teacher.

By bensonc
Posted on: January 01 2010
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  • Ashley, You are welcome to visit Oakcrest to see our System 44 program in action. We are currently using it with our REACH Program (those students who previously were at Special Services). Glenn teaches the program period 1-2 (7:20-8:54) if you'd like to see it in action. Debbie

    Hi Ashley, I have not taught READ 180. I hope to next year as my students move out of System 44. But the reason we started using System 44 is because we felt READ 180 was too high for many of our ELL students, especially those with limited or no previous education before coming to the U.S. I am guessing System 44 would work for your students that you feel aren't ready for READ 180. It is for student who are BR to about 400 lexile. I have some with higher lexiles that had a score on the Sholastic Phonics Inventory that indicated they still could use Phonics instruction System 44 offers.


    Hi Demmy, System 44 was developed after Scholastic heard from many educators such as yourself that Level 1 was too hard for some READ 180 students. READ 180 is designed for students who are on at least a first grade reading level. System 44 is for students who are BR and are lacking in letter recognition, phonics, and decoding. Although READ 180 does include some phonics support, System 44 incluedes direct instruction in teh 26 letters and 44 sounds of the English language. I would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have. Thank you. Suzanne

    Did you ever teach Read 180?  I teach Read 180 in the special education resource room setting.  Some of my students are struggling at level 1 with Read 180.  Your description of System 44 and the progress you are seeing sounds wonderful; I've been impressed with Read 180 but wonder about the lower students.  Just wondering if you have  comparison between the two programs.  Thanks , ashley 

    thank you very much everyone for the input; I will let the supervisor of special education as well as the child study team know this so when it comes time to discuss the progress this year, we will have alternatives for the students who did not make as much progress as hoped.  

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