Motivating Students on Software

My students are in the early stages of System 44.  Most of them started at Series 1 and have worked their way into Series 3.  Over the course of time, some of them are beginning to show less effort when on the software.  Does anyone have any great ideas on how I can keep students motivated to work hard on the software? 

Posted on: December 04 2013
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  • droberts

    That is great.  My students love the idea of being the superheros of the school, especially since they have thought of themselves as zeros for so long.  If you think about it they are the ones who can help the school the most by raising their test scores.  Enjoy and good luck.  If you have any further questions send me an e-mail danroberts@nvusd.org or go to my profile page, I have a great deal of my classroom posted there.  


    I replied to a similar question on the S44 Message Board.  Scroll down to "Software Incentive".  I shared a few ideas that have worked well for me the past years that you might be able to incorporate into your program.  One thing I didn't mention is that I have students report out their series and level at the end of each rotation so I can record them in my grade book for graphing and data teams.  This tends to motivate students when they hear others are moving up in levels and they are not.  We applaud those who advance from one series to a higher series.  Make a big deal out of every little step they take.  It goes a long way.  Let me know if this helps or if you have any further questions, I am always happy to brainstorm ideas or share what has worked for me.   Dan Roberts

    I love your super hero idea Dan!  I am sharing it in my System 44 PLC this afternoon. 

    I post student progress on one wall in the room and also hand out certificates to the students for each topic or segment they are completing. I agree with Dan, praise and recognize every improvement they make.

    I give them a prize every time they complete a success zone. It seems to keep them motivated.

    Having a conference with each student to go over their progress is beneficial. It is a good idea to review the self monitoring chart so the student can see what they've completed. I have students working harder to do well in when they get to fast track to skip a series.

    My problem with System 44 students is that when they don't make sufficient progress through the Series' they run out of book options. I also have students both as 7th graders and 8th graders, and the 8th graders are very frustrated by the lack of options and the feeling that they have the same teacher and same program. In our school I am the only Special Education reading teacher.

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    My students are in the early stages of System 44.  Most of them started at Series 1 and have worked their way into Series 3.  Over the course of time, some of them are…
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