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Posted by Noelle Morris on May 01 2018 at 9:30 AM
      On February 2, 2018, the legendary weather report was that we were in for another six weeks of winter. Technically, that would mean that winter would be over on April 9. Yet, the week of April 12, another snow storm hit Boston and much of the Northeast. On April 6, traveling to Chicago, I not only needed my winter coat, but hat and gloves. Where is the spring sun, just a little bit of a glimmer of hope for warmer days? More winter week 7, week 8; you get the…
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Posted by oldGloriaold on April 09 2009 at 3:07 PM
"Why is he blogging about Project Runway?" I can positively see the bubble above your heads, people.  Well, E! Online reports, "Eloise in Paris, inspired by the line of children's books written by Kay Thompson and illustrated by Hilary Knight," is coming to the big screen and "Project Runway winner Christian Siriano is set to design a collection that will be showcased..."  Who would've thought?
Posted by oldGloriaold on April 09 2009 at 3:06 PM
During handwriting...   Jane:  Look Mr. B, I drew a dinosaur!  And here is a red butterfly and a green flower too!   Me:  Jane, it looks like you added a lot of details to...   Jane:  The butterfly didn't get to eat the flower because the dinosaur got him and is sucking his blood.   Me:  Ahhhh, yes, I can see that now.  What a lot of details.
Posted by oldGloriaold on April 09 2009 at 3:05 PM
This is one of my favorite fundraisers.  We've ordered seeds from FEDCO for a number of years, packaged them with the help of older students, created the artwork for the envelopes and then sold the seeds with a booklet explaining how they should be grown.  It's such a super way for kids to be more involved in the outdoors and in the community.    As written in the FEDCO seed catalog: A seed store at your school can be a fund-raiser with a wholesome green message.…
Posted by oldGloriaold on April 09 2009 at 3:04 PM
Hey folks.  July is winding to a close and so is this blog.  I've loved hearing from all you talented and dedicated folks out there.  I hope you're all having super summers and if you're picking up extra work this summer, try to relax a bit.   I hope you'll all visit me over on the book section and check out the new book blog there.  You'll be able to keep in touch and see what's new in the book world.  That should be starting the first week of August.  Until…