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What Is On Your Night Stand?

Posted by Sally Doulton - 6 Days Ago

"Do you read?" My second-period class asked me as I asked them to take out their books. "Read?", I enthusiastically replied. "Why, I read every day! I read street signs, manuals, cookbook recipes, magazines, catalogs, bank statements, bills, school materials, lesson plans, etc."

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25th Annual Model Schools Conference

Posted by Andrea Barnes - 7 Days Ago

The Model Schools Conference in Nashville is right around the corner. Are you going? If so, come see the HMH Bloggers at the conference. We would love to meet you! 

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READ 180 Send-Off: Making "Goodbye" Special

Posted by Scott Toonder - 9 Days Ago

Being the sappy teacher that I am, I like to try and make my last READ 180 class memorable for my students. I want them to reflect on how far they've come. I want them to remember the obstacles they've surmounted. I want them to use their accomplishments in READ 180 to inspire their futures.

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Individualize Instruction with Google Classroom

Posted by Debbie Lee - 13 Days Ago

Using Google Classroom's new Assignment feature to encourage the writing process. 

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End-of-Year Motivation Toolkit

Posted by Scott Toonder - 23 Days Ago

As the year winds down and state testing diminishes in the rearview mirror, it can become increasingly difficult to keep our students motivated.  Of course, a lot of keeping their brains tuned in depends on us... keeping our lessons exciting and our expectations and enthusiasm in high gear... but there are a few little "contest" gimmicks that might help.

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Poetry in the Classroom

Posted by Andrea Barnes - 23 Days Ago

April was National Poetry Month! How did you celebrate? This year, in my READ 180 classroom, I spiced things up by hosting a poetry cafe during the first 10 minutes of class. 

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Stirring Up the READ 180 HW Routine to Change Students' Lives via the Power of Words

Posted by Sally Doulton - 27 Days Ago

You can't change the world or the personal lives of your students, but maybe you can make them "aware" of language and how language development and acquisition can have a major impact on their lives.

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Success Story: Karla Proves the Power of Persistence

Posted by Scott Toonder - 1 Month and 7 Days Ago

The success story of my student, Karla! 

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Character Traits Project

Posted by Andrea Barnes - 1 Month and 8 Days Ago

This first activity has been completed by my students for over 28 years! I have no recollection of where this amazing, creative, character trait assignment came from, but it has been enjoyed by all of my many students. 

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Organize Now for a Stress Free 2017 School Year

Posted by Debbie Lee - 1 Month and 10 Days Ago

One of my absolutely FAVORITE tools to keep me organized is Symbaloo.  It's free. It's easy. It's fluid and adapts to changes in my needs. I think of Symbaloo as my digital lesson plan website.

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