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SAM: Your Parent-Teacher Conference Toolkit

Posted by Scott Toonder - 7 Days Ago

The data that is constantly being collected and analyzed within the READ 180 classroom can transform parent-teacher night into a truly powerful experience... especially if you know what to have handy.

Here are just a few reports that you may want to have printed out

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Pausing For Celebration: Nominating Your Students For the 180 Awards

Posted by Tashena Vickers - 12 Days Ago

Taking a purposeful pause in my day to day activities to focus on how much growth my students have made in there reading skills is one of the reasons I appreciate the 180 Awards so much. 

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Breaking through the blocks for a touchdown in Series 24 and 25 in System 44!

Posted by Sally Doulton - 13 Days Ago

We all experience this predicament: our students run through the yards of the System 44 "football" field, navigating difficult tackles, throwing great passes, and scoring points that move them into the next Series. Then, in the fourth quarter, with a few minutes remaining, they request their unused time-outs as they labor through Series 24 and 25. There seems to be an impasse, a standstill, and an almost stop right before the end -zone. How can we get our students to complete the touchdown and then receive their well-earned Certificate of Completion?

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Independent Reading Update

Posted by Debbie Lee - 17 Days Ago

With the coming of the half-way point in this school year, students should be well ensconced in our class routines: Whole Group, Small Group, READ 180 Software, and even Independent Reading.  However, no matter how routine the routines become, I always find there is room for reflection and improvement.  

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Posted by Andrea Barnes - 19 Days Ago

READ 180 RED ROUTINES are perfect with every lesson! Get your students writing, reacting, and conversing with every lesson. Here's how to use the IDEA WAVE, THINK (WRITE)-PAIR-SHARE, and NUMBERED HEADS with the remaining READ 180 Workshops.

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Motivation: Using ARCS To Keep Them Striving!

Posted by Scott Toonder - 20 Days Ago

I'd like to do a brief breakdown of the ARCS Model of Instructional Design, hoping that by looking at READ 180 through this lens, we'll be able to pick up some insights for our own classes.

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Why Do So Many Students Struggle to Write?

Posted by Debbie Lee - 24 Days Ago

For some, writing comes easy. Words flow into sentences; sentences flow into paragraphs; paragraphs become essays or research papers or books.  For others, this symbiotic relationship does not exist. Many of these students end up in our READ 180 classrooms.

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Persistence, perseverance and the right mindset wins the race...every time!

Posted by Sally Doulton - 1 Month and 1 Day Ago

 Nicholas is a seventh-grade student in my mixed model System 44/Read 180 class. Nicholas started the System 44 program in the fifth grade and finally completed it mid-year in the seventh grade. Although a celebration was well-warranted, some teachers may be wondering why it took three years for him to finish the program.

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Inspiration For Everyone

Posted by Andrea Barnes - 1 Month and 3 Days Ago

Do you need inspirational thought-provoking video clips to inspire students or staff? Look no further than Mark Sanborn's Videos. These videos can be shown and accompany any Workshops in the rBook.

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Literacy is a Universal Right

Posted by Sally Doulton - 1 Month and 8 Days Ago

Literacy is a Universal right; however, this right is not a reality for many people who reside both in and outside of the United States. 

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