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Common Goal----Education

Posted by Andrea Barnes - 4 Days Ago

These words that describe a Delta Kappa Gamma Sister also can be used to group READ 180 students. Write the following adjectives on individual helium balloons: Learner, Inspirer, Results Oriented, Thinker, Adaptable, Motivator, Goal Setter. When students walk into the classroom, have them sit at the tables that hold the balloon that best describes them, in their opinion.

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Spring Forth With Reminders for Success!

Posted by Sally Doulton - 6 Days Ago

During the first week of spring, I show my students photographs of this amazing phenomenon to inspire them to grow despite the rocky road they may have travelled on during the first part of the school year. I let them know that nothing is impossible when there is a will, and if they demonstrate a will, then I will help them to find a way!

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Enhance Vocabulary & General Knowledge with NYT Word of the Day

Posted by Debbie Lee - 9 Days Ago

Are your students, like mine, vocabulary poor?  Do they have a large "vocabulary gap?"  Having a wide vocabulary is one factor that helps students in reading and writing. However, many students lack the vocabulary knowledge needed to take them to the next level.

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Combining Differentiation and Test Prep

Posted by Scott Toonder - 12 Days Ago

In the world of high-stakes testing, trying to find a balance between regular instruction and prepping for state-mandated tests is always tricky. Too often it involves making that terrible decision between what I should teach and what I have to teach.  

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Basking in READ 180 Universal's Fluency Zone

Posted by Sally Doulton - 23 Days Ago

READ 180 Universal has launched and is soaring! One of the most extraordinary and useful features for both students and educators is the recording and grading of the students' fluency recordings. Amazing! 

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Mark Sanborn Visits My Classroom

Posted by Andrea Barnes - 24 Days Ago

Well, I'm here to tell you that dreams can come true! Guess who came to Cy Creek on February 20th to meet me? Another hint…He has been intrigued on how I am encouraging my district of 114,000 students and over 14,000 staff to become "Freds". He even nicknamed me Fredette! Yes, you are correct in your answer… it was Mark Sanborn from Denver, Colorado, author of The Fred Factor!!

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N.G. Writing Zone in Practice

Posted by - 1 Month Ago

In a previous blog, I explained how my students use textual evidence to respond to their Writing Zone Prompts. At the end of Trimester 2, almost every student is now writing six plus sentence responses with evidence. Today, I would like to share some examples of their work.

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Hurry and Nominate

Posted by Andrea Barnes - 1 Month and 9 Days Ago

Have you ever been asked this question, “Why haven’t you completed the application?” It won’t take you long! What are you waiting for? Start now. Nominate a student, colleague, or yourself for the 180 Awards! It is a great way to show your appreciation and fondness for the daily hard work you see.

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SAM: Your Parent-Teacher Conference Toolkit

Posted by Scott Toonder - 1 Month and 10 Days Ago

The data that is constantly being collected and analyzed within the READ 180 classroom can transform parent-teacher night into a truly powerful experience... especially if you know what to have handy.

Here are just a few reports that you may want to have printed out

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Pausing For Celebration: Nominating Your Students For the 180 Awards

Posted by Tashena Vickers - 1 Month and 16 Days Ago

Taking a purposeful pause in my day to day activities to focus on how much growth my students have made in there reading skills is one of the reasons I appreciate the 180 Awards so much. 

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