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Spring Forth With Reminders for Success!

Spring represents hope and renewal. It is an amazing sight to see crocuses and other flowers bud through soil that was once covered with snow and ice. Despite a harsh winter, everything from flowers to crops spring forth from the ground in abundant life!

During the first week of spring, I show my students photographs of this amazing phenomenon to inspire them to grow despite the rocky road they may have travelled on during the first part of the school year. I let them know that nothing is impossible when there is a will, and if they demonstrate a will, then I will help them to find a way!

I remind my students and their parents of the hope that resides in each and every READ 180 student. Despite the hardships and obstacles that the school year has brought, there is hope for renewal and new beginnings. The latter part of the school year can bring the "180" that has been hoped for by all involved in the program. 

Even though most of us have completed two-thirds of a year of instruction with our students, it is never too late to send out reminders or even introductions of the READ 180 program to our students' parents. The information shared can spring a Spring renewal to the commitment required of all involved in our students' progress which includes parents, administrators, mentors, and teachers in assisting our students with attaining the necessary literacy skills needed for success in life.

How I Do It

1.     Replay videos of success stories

2.     Review the importance of working hard in all of the rotations

3.     Distribute certificates for accomplishments that show growth

4.     Email parents about the expectations of your Read 180 class, along with links about Read 180

Below is an email that I send to parents at the beginning of the school year and resend at the start of spring.



Remind parents that they play an integral role in their child's success and that their involvement is paramount to their child making a 180 in both the Read 180 programs and in life. 

Most of the success my students experience are the fruits of seeds that were planted at the beginning of the school year. As READ 180  teachers we start with the most important step–we start with good seeds, which are the components of the READ 180 and System 44 programs. However, seeds must be cared for before they germinate, and once they germinate, they must be given proper care and attention to ensure their growth.  

Stay in constant contact with your students' parents and the other people involved in their lives. You never know when your efforts may reap the seeds that you  sow. 

Remember, that we may only teach our students for a year or two, so we must take advantage of every opportunity available to us to inform all involved in our students' lives of the endless possibilities the READ180 program has to offer them.


System 44 Educator
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