System 44
Persistence, perseverance and the right mindset wins the race...every time!

Congratulations to Nicholas who just completed System 44 NG!  Nicholas is a seventh-grade student in my mixed model System 44/Read 180 class. Nicholas started the System 44 program in the fifth grade and finally completed it mid-year in the seventh grade. Although a celebration was well-warranted, some teachers may be wondering why it took three years for him to finish the program.

There are many variables to consider when determining the length of time required for a student to master the System 44 program.  Some factors include

  • The student's age, skill level, aptitude/classification/life experience/motivation/attendance
  • Class duration and size
  • Class Model: System 44 Stand-Alone or Read 180 Integrated Model
  •  Teacher experience and specific implementation of the System 44 Instructional Model(Fidelity)
  • Parental and Administrative participation and support

Often, there is a race to get students in and out of Intensive Reading programs within a year.  We want our test scores to increase as well as have more published data/success stories to report. We also want our students to learn how to read! 

System 44 is an outstanding program and when implemented effectively, students who exit the program will truly have the skills to become successful life-long readers.

As a rule, students cannot exit System 44 unless they demonstrate mastery with the following:

  •       Software
  •         Decodable Digest
  •        System 44 Book
  •        Mid-year and end-of-year summative assessments
  •        Independent reading books and Reading Counts Quizzes
  •        Success with my own exams that test further application of important prefixes, suffixes, and roots

For all intents and purposes, Software completion alone is not an indication of success.  Students should be able to demonstrate long-term retention and application of essential literacy skills, so that they can continue to grow as proficient readers beyond my class. And this year, Nicholas succeeded in ALL aspects of the Program and this is the cause of the celebration for his success! Nicholas received a System 44 Certificate, a READ 180  pencil, and a READ 180 Notebook.

I work to ensure that struggling students become competent readers in the shortest amount of time, because it can be frustrating for them to be illiterate in a literate and competitive world. It may take more than one school year for my struggling adolescent learners to complete the System 44 program; however, we need to facilitate their learning and use the time we have with them - wisely and productively. And when they complete a program, it is ESSENTIAL that we not only celebrate their success but also share their accomplishments with their parents, other school personnel, and when possible, share it with the world.

Congratulations Nicholas!  You have completed the System 44 Program.  I now welcome you to READ 180 Universal!

System 44 Educator