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Basking in READ 180 Universal's Fluency Zone

READ 180 Universal has launched and is soaring! One of the most extraordinary and useful features for both students and educators is the recording and grading of the students' fluency recordings. Amazing! 

As soon as the teacher opens up the recording tool to grade the fluency recording, the text appears, along with a rubric and highlighting tool. A comment box is also available, where a teacher can record comments about the student's recording, including important information such as specific miscued words, phrasing, expression, etc. No longer are there multiple steps needed to download the text, and then do the voice recording, to grade a student's recording. No longer is there a need for a teacher to handwrite all of the mispronounced words and comments about a recording to review with a student during an individual conference. It's now all there and saved on both the Teacher Central Dashboard and the Student Portfolio in the Student Application!

And here comes the cherry on the top:

The best part is that when students log onto the Student Application and click the Portfolio Tab, they can view the teacher's comments and the score for the recording. This immediate feedback lets the students know that their work is important, reviewed, and graded. The students can then view the miscued words and practice them with their teacher during an individual conference scheduled during one of the READ 180 rotations.

Hats off to the developers of READ 180 Universal for thinking up this outstanding process of reviewing, scoring, and providing feedback to student recordings that, in turn, assist students with improving their fluency.

As a teacher I am encouraged to see my students so actively engaged in their progress as readers when they open the Portfolio Tab in the Student Application to view the score and comments on the fluency recording that they submitted!  This immediate feedback keeps them working hard and motivated to improve their future recordings.

Considering READ 180 Universal as an upgrade?  Click on the link below to find out more about this amazing program!


Feel free to ask me any questions regarding the implementation of READ 180 Universal in the Comments section.



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