Breaking through the blocks for a touchdown in Series 24 and 25 in System 44!

Posted by Sally Doulton - 13 Days Ago

We all experience this predicament: our students run through the yards of the System 44 "football" field, navigating difficult tackles, throwing great passes, and scoring points that move them into the next Series. Then, in the fourth quarter, with a few minutes remaining, they request their unused time-outs as they labor through Series 24 and 25. There seems to be an impasse, a standstill, and an almost stop right before the end -zone. How can we get our students to complete the touchdown and then receive their well-earned Certificate of Completion?

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Persistence, perseverance and the right mindset wins the race...every time!

Posted by Sally Doulton - 1 Month and 1 Day Ago

 Nicholas is a seventh-grade student in my mixed model System 44/Read 180 class. Nicholas started the System 44 program in the fifth grade and finally completed it mid-year in the seventh grade. Although a celebration was well-warranted, some teachers may be wondering why it took three years for him to finish the program.

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Literacy is a Universal Right

Posted by Sally Doulton - 1 Month and 8 Days Ago

Literacy is a Universal right; however, this right is not a reality for many people who reside both in and outside of the United States. 

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Mindset Matters! It Really Does!

Posted by Sally Doulton - 2 Months and 5 Days Ago

Mindset matters and it certainly does! Thanks to READ 180 Universal, my students have not only been introduced to the concept of mindset, but they have been actively engaged in understanding and applying it to their lives! 

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The Genius Hour in a READ 180 Classroom!

Posted by Sally Doulton - 2 Months and 10 Days Ago

In a former blog post  "Research Unexpected (Part One)," I described how student choice and the Genius Hour became an unexpected reality in one of my READ 180 classrooms.  I left readers hanging with my students stuck in step 3 of the 6 step research process, which is the "gathering information" stage. Here is what transpired since that step and what it took to get my students to Step 6.

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The Journey from READ 180 NG to Universal

Posted by Sally Doulton - 2 Months and 25 Days Ago

Sometimes the world seems like the size of our classroom and we think that it is a microcosm of all things. The task we have as reading teachers is enormous and most of our thoughts and time revolve around the needs of our students. 

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Using Technology to Get Parents to Listen!

Posted by Sally Doulton - 3 Months and 18 Days Ago

Parents desire to listen to teachers about their children's progress in school. Regrettably, their lives are often full and busy that they cannot always comprehend what is being conveyed to them via emails, printed reports, attached Word documents, and school webpages.

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Research Unexpected (Part One)

Posted by Sally Doulton - 4 Months and 9 Days Ago

We've all heard of "student choice," "Project Based Learning," and perhaps the "Google Genius Hour."  These ideas allow students to explore a topic of their own interest, create or build something new from their research findings, and then present it to an audience in a format of their choosing.

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When is Fidelity to the READ 180 and System 44 Programs Really Important?

Posted by Sally Doulton - 4 Months and 21 Days Ago

Whether you teach your students in a Stand-Alone, Mixed, Integrated, or RTI class, it is important to remain faithful to some key components of the program.  

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Programs for Success

Posted by Sally Doulton - 5 Months and 8 Days Ago

READ 180 and System 44 are programs that are designed to teach struggling students how to decode and comprehend text. As a result, our classes may contain students who have an IEP (Individualized Education Plan). 

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