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Organize Now for a Stress Free 2017 School Year

If you are like me, you have digital resources for each of your workshops scattered all over. My intentions are good; I promise myself that at the end of each workshop I will put everything together, and for my hard copies, I'm fairly good at keeping track of them.  It's all my digital resources that get the better of me.

Digital resources come from all over. I may use a plethora of websites: READ 180 Community, YouTube, digital news articles, etc., plus files in Google Docs and/or Dropbox. Keeping track of resources can be confusing, especially when going back to a workshop I taught over a year ago. 

One of my absolutely FAVORITE tools to keep me organized is Symbaloo.  It's free. It's easy. It's fluid and adapts to changes in my needs. I think of Symbaloo as my digital lesson plan website.


With Symbaloo, each workshop has its own tab, with enough space for 52 visual links to your workshop resources. Never lose track of a link again.  

  • Symbaloo.com is a free tool.
  • All your webmixes are saved to the cloud and are accessible from any device.
  • Symbaloo apps are available in iOS and Android for your mobile devices.
  • Links can be added to Symbaloo tiles for any digital resource, including your Google or Dropbox folders with your workshop worksheets and other digital files to print.
  • Your webmixes are always available, wherever you are connected to the Internet.
  • Personalize your tiles with an image you select or upload
  • Personalize webmix wallpaper with Symbaloo choices (i.e. Combat Zone), or create your own (i.e. In the Money).

Sign-up and start creating your READ 180 Workshop webmixes immediately!

  1. Go to Symbaloo.com
  2. In the top, right corner, click "Create free account."
  3. Sign up with your name, email, and a password.
  4. Start Creating!


  • First 3 Weeks
  • Workshop 1
  • Workshop 2
  • Workshop 3
  • Workshop 4
  • Workshop 5 (and so on)
  • R180 Social Network Pages
  • Favorite Blogs
  • Favorite Community Boards
  • Books to Read

It's never too early to organize your class lesson plans and related materials.  With Symbaloo, it's also fun, easy, and will save you precious time.  I Symbaloo.  Will you?

Stage C READ 180 Educator

January 1, 2014

It has been a while since I have updated my profile, so long that I had to search to find the edit button! I continue to teach three READ 180 classes this school year, which I absolutely love, after one-year of teaching 2 READ 180/English 1 blocks and one ICS English 1. The 2013-2014 school year is my 7th year teaching READ 180/English 1, and my 20th year as a SPED teacher.  

Oakcrest High School is one of three regional high schools in southern South Jersey. At Oakcrest, I teach a combined RC English 1/READ 180 90 minute course (10 credits) to freshmen special education students whose skills range from being on grade level to 5 or 6 years behind grade level. My district mainly uses the READ 180 curriculum for SPED freshmen who are not ready for the gen ed curriculum, either because of learning or moderate behavioral disabilities. About half of my students move from the RC placement to an ICS placement for English in their sophomore year.

I have enjoyed writing the Stage C READ 180 Blog for the past two years, sharing my classroom with the READ 180 Community Members. Check out all my blogs HERE. In my blog, I try to respond to questions I see in the Community Message Boards, as well as questions from READ 180 Teachers, and things I have tried and found successful in my own READ 180 classrooms. In my blog, I also try to focus on the Common Core and Next Generation Assessment skills our students will need, sharing tips and enhancements I have made in my classes to help prepare my SPED students. Last summer, I was also invited to serve on the Scholastic READ 180 Advisory Board in NYC, and learned about some of the amazing things Scholastic is implementing to help introduce our students to the Common Core and Next Gen. Assessments, which were the topic of my December 2013 blog: Stretch 2 Supports Common Core Reading & Writing.

During the last READ 180 National Summer Institute in New Orleans during July 2012, I presented one of my class best practices to many of the READ 180 teachedrs attending the conference. You can find information and resources from that presentation in my blog HERE. The folder system outlined my "Success" Blog is easy to set up and easy for students to use and teachers to implement.

CryUnfortunately, I will be unable to attend the upcoming 2014 NSI in Florida as the new dates conflict with my annual family vacation in Duck, NC. Cry

Besides the enhanced focus on the Common Core, this year my students have been blogging about their books with two other READ 180 classes. Students have enjoyed blogging and, although we had to take a break the last few weeks, they are looking forward to picking it back up and restart their blogging this month.