Independent Reading Update

Posted by Debbie Lee - 17 Days Ago

With the coming of the half-way point in this school year, students should be well ensconced in our class routines: Whole Group, Small Group, READ 180 Software, and even Independent Reading.  However, no matter how routine the routines become, I always find there is room for reflection and improvement.  

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Why Do So Many Students Struggle to Write?

Posted by Debbie Lee - 24 Days Ago

For some, writing comes easy. Words flow into sentences; sentences flow into paragraphs; paragraphs become essays or research papers or books.  For others, this symbiotic relationship does not exist. Many of these students end up in our READ 180 classrooms.

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Students CAN Edit their NG Writing Zone Paragraphs

Posted by Debbie Lee - 1 Month and 8 Days Ago

One of the most wished for improvements to READ 180 Next Generation is the ability for students to go back and edit their Writing Zone paragraphs.  This year, I realized there is an easy way students can edit and revise them through their school emails, or with its recent improvements, Google Classroom.

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Increase Writing Part 4: Writing Opportunities in All 9 NG Stage C Workshops

Posted by Debbie Lee - 2 Months and 4 Days Ago

Reading and writing are reciprocal processes, where improvements in one lead to improvements in the other and vice-versa. By giving students multiple opportunities to write, they become stronger writers. By giving students multiple opportunities to write, they also grow as readers.  

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Assessing Student Writing Can Be Quick, Powerful & Motivating (Increase Writing - Part 3)

Posted by Debbie Lee - 2 Months and 13 Days Ago

In Increase Writing, Part 3, I want to discuss an easy, quick, and powerful way to assess students' compositions - and teach them the value of editing and revision.

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Students Ace Textual Evidence with I.C.E. (Increase Writing -Part 2)

Posted by Debbie Lee - 2 Months and 28 Days Ago

Writing is a complex task that requires all writers to multitask a combination of mental and physical processes, which include: content, organization, sentence structure, mechanics, word retrieval, spelling, the physical process of writing and/or typing, timed writing, … and, yes, textual evidence. 

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Increase Writing Opportunities in the READ 180 Classroom, Part 1

Posted by Debbie Lee - 3 Months and 12 Days Ago

Do your students struggle to write more than a couple of sentences? Do your students refuse to write essays?  Do they struggle to revise and edit their compositions?  Do they need more writing opportunities to develop as writers?

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Bring NG's Student Dashboard into Focus

Posted by Debbie Lee - 3 Months and 25 Days Ago

When students log into READ 180, do they spend their 40 seconds of Dashboard time wisely? Or are they looking around the roomtalking to other students, surfing the web, opening YouTube? Do they really understand the key data right in front of them? Or do students look at it as unimportant?

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Making Sure Routines and Procedures Stick

Posted by Debbie Lee - 4 Months and 9 Days Ago

By now, our students should fully understand and follow the READ 180 class routines and procedures, right?  Wait….. No?   Don't worry.  It happens.  Read on for some tips to regain control and reteach essential procedures class and routines.

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Independent Reading HELP! Tips and Tricks to a Successful Independent Reading Rotation

Posted by Debbie Lee - 5 Months Ago

By now, you are probably ready for some tips on how to organize and run your Modeled and  Independent  Reading Rotation.  For me, this has always been the most frustrating rotation during the first few weeks of school.  But I know that once students understand - and buy into my expectations - it WILL get better.

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