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Your READ 180 End-of-Year Checklist

The school year is winding down, the time to pack the room up for is fast approaching, and if I've learned one thing it's this...
"Packing the room up carefully can save you tons of headaches when you unpack next fall!"     

Here are a few things you might want to keep an eye on.
1.  rBooks

  • How many rBooks do I have?  And, how many do I think I'll need for next year?  The sooner you can put in the order with your principal, the better!
  • If, like me, you reuse your rBooks (I do workshops 1-4 with 4th grade and workshops 5-9 with 5th), remember to collect them from your students as early as possible.  You don't want to be short one next year because one of the kids had their book at home or because you forgot to grab it from someone... I've done and trust me, it was no fun scrambling for an extra in September!

2.  Technology

  • As your packing up headphones, CD players, and tablets, it is a great idea to do a quick maintenance check on everything.  Keep a list of how many are working good, have some issues, or need to be completely replaced.  And share that list with your supervisor.
  • Right before the summer, when many principals will be looking at next year's budget, can also be a good time to ask for those "extras" you've been dreaming about- that bonus computer for SRC tests, that iPad for the reading group, that projector for your anchor videos. Remember, the worse they can say is no! 
  • And don't forget to check on that battery supply.

3.  Reading Library

  • Take stock of the condition of the books in your independent reading library. More than likely, you've got many titles that are in need of repair or replacement. Some, you can probably fix up with some creative use of glue and tape. For those that you can't repair, most can be replaced through the READ 180 catalog/website. Some may be out stock through the official READ 180 channels, but you can almost always find them cheap on a number of other shopping websites.     

4.  Independent Reading Group Worksheets

  • This one is entirely up to personal preference, but I like to get all the quick-writes and graphic organizers for the books, as well as reading logs, printed out and organized before summer break. It just makes the craziness of the start of the next year a little easier.

5.  First Three Weeks

  • This one is optional as well, but I highly recommend it. Jot down your first few days of READ 180 instruction in very loose lesson plans, print out everything you need, and throw it in a folder that will be waiting for you on day one.  You'll thank me in a few months!
  • It is also wise to set up all those little back-to-school chores as best you can in advance.  Cut out the magnetic name tags now, so you only have to write them out later. Put the READ 180 folders together in June, so you only have to write the kids names on them in September.  
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