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The rBook- What to Cover When You're Running Out of Time!

Because of the in-depth instruction, differentiation checkpoints, and various informative assessments involved in each READ 180 unit, teaching all 9 Workshops in a single year can next to impossible.  And if (like me) you're not operating with a full 90-minute model, even getting through 4 or 5 workshops can also be a challenge.

With the end of the year fast approaching, that means that the vast majority of us will have to start to make some tough instructional decisions, such as:

  • "What do I try to cover?  And what do I leave out?"
  • "Do I breeze through the last 2 workshops? Or should I pick one and cover it in-depth?"

Like so many instructional decisions, the correct answer depends entirely on your unique schedule, students, and goals. However, there are just a couple things you may want to consider before deciding how to proceed.

1. Take a Hard Look at Your Calendar:
I know it sounds totally obvious, but taking a careful look at how many days of actual instruction you have left can be crucial. It is easy to think that you have a whole 2 or 2.5 months of school left, not realizing that when you take State tests, Reading Inventories, field trips, and assemblies, and end-of-year picnics into account, you actually only have 20 days of instruction for a given class. Take a look, and don't count school days–count class days.

2. Remember: Depth is Better than Breadth:
In general, you students will get a lot more out of going through the step-by-step process of one Workshop than they will by skimming through two. There could be times when you'd want to ignore this advice, but when in doubt... do less, but do it well!

3. Check for Needed Skills:      
If you need to choose between two or three different Workshops, let the students' needs be your guide. Pull up you Comprehension Skills Report and check to see if one of the workshops' comprehension focuses lines up with a skill a chunk of your students are week in. If they do, decision made!

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