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Success Story: Karla Proves the Power of Persistence

Karla was born in America, but she moved to Mexico when she was still an infant.  Then, when she was just fours years old, her mother and her moved back to America—leaving her father behind.  

Though her mom spoke English, Karla didn’t know any.  “It made school really hard,” she says.  “I never knew what the teacher or other kids were saying.”

By the time I met Karla in 3rd grade, her language skills had progressed nicely, but her reading skills were lagging far behind. She was two full years below grade level and showed weaknesses in phonemic awareness, fluency, and comprehension.

The progress Karla has made since that day has been nothing short of miraculous. By the end of third grade, her Lexile had climbed over hundreds of points and her overall language skills had advanced dramatically.  And joining READ 180 at the beginning of 4th grade, only served to accelerate that great progress!  

At the end of 4th grade, Karla’s Lexile had soared another hundreds of more points and she was rapidly closing in on testing on grade-level.  In fact, her language skills had progressed so far that in May that year she was exited from the schools English Language Learner program.

Now, not yet fully through 5th grade, Karla is officially reading on Grade Level!  

And her Lexile is not just proficient… it’s translating into her other classes.  She has transformed herself from a struggling learner to a shining example of a dedicated student.  

Karla has truly done a 180!

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