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SAM: Your Parent-Teacher Conference Toolkit

The data that is constantly being collected and analyzed within the READ 180 classroom can transform parent-teacher night into a truly powerful experience... especially if you know what to have handy.

Here are just a few reports that you may want to have printed out.

Progress to College and Career Report:

Shows:  Lexile progress over time.
Power:  Is visual proof of how a student is progressing and, perhaps more importantly, how much farther they have to go.  It can be a great motivator for parent and child alike.


Student Diagnostic Report:

Shows:  A breakdown of the student's areas of weakness in each Zone of the instructional software.  

Power:  Shows parents the data-driven power of READ 180, and therefore can help make believers and supporters out of them.  And it gives parents things to focus on when working at home.  


Recommended Reading Report:

Shows:  Books within the student's Lexile range, categorized by topics the student has chosen. 

Power:  Gives parents a list to draw from went buying or borrowing books for children at home.  And it gives a good sense of the types of books within the student's independent reading level.


Student Reading Report:

Shows:  Grades in both the instructional software and the Reading Counts! quizzes

Power:  Shows parents student performance and where any skill (or motivational!) problem areas might be. 

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  • tvickers

    I am reading this on a break during parent-teacher conferences! I agree, these are perfect reports to give parents a concrete snapshot of where their student is. Thank you for the post about these great tools!