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READ 180 Tutoring

READ 180 can be a great way to give our students a boost after school (whether they use the program during the day or not).  But "READ 180 Tutoring" can take many forms, each with its own benefits and considerations.

Here's a few options you may want to consider...

The Full Model:


  • The teacher runs the full READ 180 model (whole group and all rotations) each day.


  • The students get the full benefits of the READ 180 program.  They are able to engage in all the varied activities in each group.
  • The Flex Book can be used if your students also have READ 180 during the day.
  • Tutoring group can handle the full 18 recommended students.


  • Requires 90 minutes after school, which after a full day can be pushing the limits of both student and teacher endurance.
  • Materials can be tricky to manage, especially with students who have READ 180 during the regular day.  Of course, there is also the added cost involved in using the consumable books.      

Rotations Only:

  • The students rotate through the small group, computers, and reading group (20 minutes in each group... no whole-group).


  • Can be done in 60 minutes instead of 90.
  • Guided Reading/Book Study groups and other supplemental materials can be used in place of rBook or Flex Book consumables.
  • Can handle the full 18 recommended students.


  • Teacher needs to pull together resources for the small group (though this can easily be done by using reading-group materials.

Half Model:

  • The students divide between the reading group and the computers.  Then switch. 


  • The time is optional, as long as students get at least 20 minutes in each group (so at least 40 minutes).
  • The teacher is freed from traditional instruction duties, which means they can move about the room helping those who need it. 
  • No extra planning or materials are needed.


  • Student numbers can get limited.  You can only have twice as many students as you have computers (i.e. 6 computers = 12 students)     
Stage A READ 180 Educator
  • Great boost after school !