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rBook Pacing... What Workshop Should I be On?

As I'm sure you know, the rBook is divided into 9 workshops.  With the new year started and the days ticking by, many teachers wonder what if they are covering content too slowly. We look at the calendar and back at our teacher's guide, and we fight the urge to panic. Hopefully, this can calm us down a little...

In General:
Each rBook workshop is designed to take approximately one month... 

  • 17 days of instruction out of the rBook
  • 3-6 days of differentiated instruction (i.e. the checkpoints sprinkled throughout each workshop)

However, the rate at which the content is is subject to a number of variables and can vary greatly!
Grades Being Covered...

  • If, like me, you are servicing multiple grades, your pace will and should be much slower.  I try to cover workshop 1 through 4 with my 4th graders and workshops 5 through 9 with my fifth graders... though I rarely actually do:(

Your Model...

  • If you are running the full, and highly recommended, 90-minute model, you might be able to edge closer to those workshop-ish-a-month signposts.
  • If you are running something shorter, you will obviously be covering less.  (I am running a 75-minute model on a 2-day cycle (i.e. Day 1: Whole Group, Day 2: Small Group).  And I just started the second workshop with my students.)

Your Students...

  • If your students are struggling with the workshop skill, you will want to slow down to make sure they master it before you move on.
  • If your students are showing multiple areas of weakness in their comprehension skills in the Reading Zone, you will want to extend your differentiation checkpoint days.

The Uncontrollable...

  • Sick days, assemblies, field trips, snow days, and every other thing that pops up can have a huge accumulative effect on how much content you can reasonably cover. 

The Mantra:


Which means...

  • It honestly doesn't matter what workshop you're on!  Teach your students what they need, when you think they need it.  If that means you spend 8 weeks on workshop 1 (like I just did), then do it!   

What Can I Cut?:
Everything in each workshop is there for a reason, but if you feel the desperate need to cut some stuff to move a little faster here is the order I would omit things in...

  1. Wrap-Up Project
  2. Career Mentor
  3. 21st Century Learning
  4. The Writing Project (Not the Grammar)

Everything else in the workshops I would consider sacred ground.  And remember, even the above things are only to be cut because of absolute need.

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