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Combining Differentiation and Test Prep

In the world of high-stakes testing, trying to find a balance between regular instruction and prepping for state-mandated tests is always tricky. Too often it involves making that terrible decision between what I should teach and what I have to teach.  

Fortunately, though, the rBook's built in READ 180 Differentiation Checkpoints and accompanying lessons give us at least one way to kill two birds with one stone.

Here's What I've Started Doing...
1.  I check the Comprehension Skills Report to see what skills a bulk of my students are struggling with.

2.  I choose a lesson from my red RDI Book that addresses the skill and teach it as prescribed.

3.  I choose another lesson from the same RDI Book that addressed the same skill, but this time I create a multiple-choice "quiz" and use that in place of the prescribed graphic organizer. (Note: The lessons in the RDI Book give discussion questions and graphic organizer answer keys that make creating the multiple-choice questions a very easy process.)    

4.  I read the story with my students, pointing out key concepts words (like "first" for sequencing or "however" for compare and contrast). Then, we go through the test-taking steps of those types of questions, practicing narrowing down our options, growing back into the text, noting keywords, and other test taking skills.

5.  Repeat process in whole and small group as needed.

Here's Why I Like it:

  • It allows me to teach test-taking skills, getting them ready for those all important testing days, without breaking from my researched-based, best-practice driven normal READ 180 instruction.

Here's An Example:(Note: I used a Stage B story here. I have a lot of students into sports this year and it seemed like a perfect fit for a skill a lot of them were struggling with. Because it is a little higher level, I made sure we read it together and that I provided a lot of support along the way.) 

Football or Baseball Lesson Plan
Football or Baseball Worksheet
Football or Baseball Contrast and Compare

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