Combining Differentiation and Test Prep

Posted by Scott Toonder - 12 Days Ago

In the world of high-stakes testing, trying to find a balance between regular instruction and prepping for state-mandated tests is always tricky. Too often it involves making that terrible decision between what I should teach and what I have to teach.  

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SAM: Your Parent-Teacher Conference Toolkit

Posted by Scott Toonder - 1 Month and 10 Days Ago

The data that is constantly being collected and analyzed within the READ 180 classroom can transform parent-teacher night into a truly powerful experience... especially if you know what to have handy.

Here are just a few reports that you may want to have printed out

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Motivation: Using ARCS To Keep Them Striving!

Posted by Scott Toonder - 1 Month and 24 Days Ago

I'd like to do a brief breakdown of the ARCS Model of Instructional Design, hoping that by looking at READ 180 through this lens, we'll be able to pick up some insights for our own classes.

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rBook Pacing... What Workshop Should I be On?

Posted by Scott Toonder - 2 Months and 21 Days Ago

As I'm sure you know, the rBook is divided into 9 workshops.  With the new started and the days ticking by, many teachers wonder what if they are covering content too slowly. We look at the calendar and back at our teacher's guide, and we fight the urge to panic. Hopefully, this can calm us down a little...

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180 Awards: It's the Nomination that Matters!

Posted by Scott Toonder - 3 Months and 13 Days Ago

It's getting close to 180 Awards season.  It's time to start thinking about which of your wonderful students you may want to nominate!

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READ 180 Tutoring

Posted by Scott Toonder - 3 Months and 27 Days Ago

READ 180 can be a great way to give our students a boost after school (whether they use the program during the day or not).  But "READ 180 Tutoring" can take many forms, each with its own benefits and considerations.

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READ 180 Audiobooks: What Your Students Should Know

Posted by Scott Toonder - 4 Months and 11 Days Ago

The READ 180 audiobook library is a great hit with many of our students.  The audiobooks allow them to successfully read texts at or above grade level, and without all the frustrations that might normally arise.

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rBook Comprehension Focus: How Do I Know If I Should Move On?

Posted by Scott Toonder - 4 Months and 25 Days Ago

Each READ 180 rBook Workshop has a specific Comprehension Focus (a comprehension skill that is taught throughout the unit).  But it can be tricky to know when to move on and when we should hammer that skill a little more.

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Reading Group: Why Writing Thoughtful Notes Is So important

Posted by Scott Toonder - 5 Months and 9 Days Ago

Each day, students in the Independent Reading Group are asked to fill out a reading log before and after they read.  They record the date, the page they are starting on and, at the "two-minute warning" what page they have finished.  While these steps are important to help our students keep track of where they are, it is the final step, the "Note," that can have a real impact on their reading progress.

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READ 180 Software: How Do Promotions Work?

Posted by Scott Toonder - 5 Months and 23 Days Ago

When should you promote a student to a new Level? 

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