My Favorite Books to Share with Students who Struggle

Posted by Francie CAO - 5 Months and 28 Days Ago

I'm known in my families, the one at home and the one at work, as a practicing bibliotherapist. As a teacher and parent, when my kids were faced with a problem themselves or needed to be more empathetic when others were challenged, I went to the books. Here are four of my favorites:

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From Struggle to Success: Three Student Stories That Inspire

Posted by Community Manager - 11 Months Ago

What do these three people have in common?

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Meeting of the Multi-Tiered Mind(sets) to Improve Student Outcomes

Posted by Community Manager - 2 Years Ago

Having consulted and trained many schools in designing, implementing, and evaluating Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS), one thing I am finding is a new focus on developing growth mindsets.  That said, I’ve had teachers and administrators ask how MTSS and growth mindsets can co-exist when they seem to be competing initiatives?

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Where are the People of Color in Children’s Books?

Posted by Francie CAO - 3 Years Ago

Walter Dean Myers, whose books are treasured by students, and teachers asked the question above in an article for the New York Times.As a booklover and a voracious reader personally and professionally. I’ve adopted the mantra books hold up mirrors to ourselves and windows to the world...

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Hitting the Books

Posted by Francie CAO - 3 Years and 4 Months Ago

While I don’t make resolutions, I think January’s a great month to reset goals. One of mine is to include more nonfiction in my "just for fun" reading.  Our students...

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What are your thoughts on the Common Core?

Posted by Community Manager - 3 Years and 7 Months Ago

  Scholastic released a study conducted in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on the Common Core. 20,000 teachers participated in our third wave of Primary Sources: America’s Teachers on Teaching in an era of…

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Another Super Idea from a READ 180 and System 44 All Star Teacher and Blogger

Posted by Community Manager - 3 Years and 8 Months Ago

 Meet Sally Doulton  I’ve met Sally on more than one occasion and am always in awe of all she does to teach and reach struggling readers from birthday cakes to share with the class, to penpal activities to stretch students’ experiences with the world. When Sally last visited Scholastic…

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Back to School

Posted by Community Manager - 3 Years and 9 Months Ago

Great Ideas from READ 180 and System 44 Outstanding Teachers Scholastic recently held an Advisory Board Meeting with the 2013 Outstanding Educator Award winners and the Community Website bloggers. My colleagues and I were informed and inspired… there were tears and cheers as we got glimpses into…

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Remembering Mary Mitchell

Posted by Community Manager - 3 Years and 11 Months Ago

If you’ve ever attended a Literacy Summit or National Summer Institute, I’m sure you remember Mary Mitchell. If you’ve never had the privilege of meeting this phenomenal woman you know her because Mary was a driving force behind READ 180 and System 44, and an advocate for all the teachers and…

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What Are You Reading This Summer?

Posted by Community Manager - 3 Years and 11 Months Ago

Here Are My Top Picks My reading for summer will be something like this…something old, something new, something to be tried, something true.   Something Old I’m rereading one of my favorite books Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert. Confession-I picked up the book because I was drawn to…

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