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Mark Sanborn Visits My Classroom

Well, I'm here to tell you that dreams can come true! Guess who came to Cy Creek on February 20th to meet me? Another hint…He has been intrigued on how I am encouraging my district of 114,000 students and over 14,000 staff to become "Freds". He even nicknamed me Fredette! Yes, you are correct in your answer… it was Mark Sanborn from Denver, Colorado, author of The Fred Factor!!

Mark Sanborn, me, and School Board Trustee

What an amazing day! My student Fred Ambassadors set up a table on how to turn your student body into a campus of Freds. We had handouts, "You're A Fred" and "Be Extraordinary" note cards, and Fred Jars available to all of our guests to take before they went into the auditorium to hear Mark Sanborn speak. 

The following introduction is what I shared to the audience. As you can see, Mark is a phenomenal person. What an extraordinary opportunity all of us had that were able to attend his speaking engagement!


While standing on my tile....

Good Morning. Cy-Creek welcomes the staff from the following schools: Truitt, Yeager, Arnold, Thornton, Campbell, Bleyl, Goodson, Cy Falls, District Leaders, School Board Trustee, Mr. Jackson, guests, and True Freds, Joe Ruffin and my mom, Beverly Barnes. Welcome to this exceptional event! 

Before I introduce our special guest speaker, I want to set the stage so you can be a witness to this EXTRAORDINARY MORNING!
In our classroom, a single tile lies upon the carpet. We stand on that tile, look into the wall mirror, and state what we HOPE, DREAM, BELIEVE, and want to ACHIEVE.
When I stand on the tile and look into the mirror I reflect on:
How I have ACHIEVED introducing students and educators to the Fred philosophy.
I have HOPED to inspire people to live their best life through sharing about FRED.
I BELIEVE we can have a FRED district.
And, I DREAMED of Mark Sanborn coming to Cy Creek High School.

Mark is a bestselling author and recognized by LeadershipGurus.net as one of the top 10 leadership experts in the world today. He writes an award-winning blog and is the author of The Fred Factor which has sold more than two million copies to date and has established him as the expert on turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Mark is an adjunct professor at the University of Memphis and is featured by Crestcom in DVD based training taught in 90 countries.  His list of 2600 clients include Harley Davidson, Costco, Cisco, In & Out Burger, FedEx, IBM, ESPN, and now CFISD. He holds the Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association. He is a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame and a member of the Speakers Roundtable which is made up of 20 of the top speakers in America. And THE most exceptional quality to me is...he is a FRED!

SO Back to my introduction where you can be a witness to this EXTRAORDINARY morning! You are now privy to my DREAM COMING TRUE!!!

Please welcome, from Denver, Colorado, Mark Sanborn!


 We had an incredible day!
Check out a few comments…
Great job in getting Mark here. Great presentation-keep up your wonderful work! 
I just wanted to say thank you for bringing Mark Sanborn. He was awesome. I really needed to hear his words as they were truly inspirational. You did a great job! I wanted to tell you personally but it seems we just kept having meetings to go to. When I see you, I will tell you the same!
I “liked” the photo of you, Dr. Henry and Vicki on Instagram. 
It's always a pleasure to attend one of your events.
What a great way to start our week!
It was great being with you! Thanks for hosting me. 
Your introduction was fabulous.  Love the tile.
I just wanted to thank you for inviting me to see Mark Sandborn. I was truly encouraged and pumped up for the rest of the year.
Remember, if you are looking for a speaker who represents what he writes about, then Mark Sanborn is the speaker for your next engagement!
Last but not least….all dreams can come true, so make sure you are sharing with your students that hard work, a never give up attitude, and tenacity can pay off!
Stage C READ 180 Educator

Philosophy of Teaching All of my life, I have enjoyed working with children and have always desired to teach. It is my belief that no matter what socio-economic background, everyone deserves to achieve his/her educational goals. It is my ambition to facilitate this process.Growing up in the Houston area, I have always been aware of the Cypress-Fairbanks School District. The district's reputation of excellence is well known, not only in the Houston metroplex, but throughout the state of Texas. As a professional educator, it is important to be associated with a school district whose goals for its students are aligned with my philosophy of teaching.

  • Thank you Sally! I am thankful to have you as a friend and a fellow HMH blogger!


    You inspire us, Andrea and you make us proud! I celebrate your dreams and achievements! You are an extraordinary teacher and person!


    You inspire us, Andrea and you make us proud! I celebrate your dreams and achievements! You are an extraordinary teacher and person!