Passport to Success

Thank you to the educator who gave me this activity that can be used with the rBookReaL Book, System 44, and Universal books and selections. As with many teaching ideas we all use, sometimes we don’t know the origin of them. We just know they work!

This activity was a keeper because the students enjoyed learning, working, and sharing their stories on it all as they read their books and selections.

Time: One week. (I used this assignment in place of a students reading log for the week.)

Supplies: construction paper, pen/pencil, markers, scissors


1.  Fold paper in half (as elementary teachers refer as a hot dog)
2.  Cut four squares
3.  On each square write one of the following:

C=CHARACTERS-Students list the characters and a description in their readings
A=ADJECTIVES-Students list the adjectives in their selections
S=SETTING-Students express the time and place of the reading
P=PROBLEM-Students write about the problem/conflict in the story
A=ACTION/PLOT- students answer what is happening in the story so far. (This activity can be completed at any point in a reading)
R=RESOLUTION & RATING-Students share the last part of their reading for that day and give the story a rating.

Students can share their CASPAR answers each day in Whole-Group and in Wrap Up. Classmates learn about different books, genres, and stories they would like to read. The more students share their books, the more peers become involved in their own reading life!

Stage C READ 180 Educator

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