Common Goal----Education

Posted by Andrea Barnes - 4 Days Ago

These words that describe a Delta Kappa Gamma Sister also can be used to group READ 180 students. Write the following adjectives on individual helium balloons: Learner, Inspirer, Results Oriented, Thinker, Adaptable, Motivator, Goal Setter. When students walk into the classroom, have them sit at the tables that hold the balloon that best describes them, in their opinion.

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Mark Sanborn Visits My Classroom

Posted by Andrea Barnes - 24 Days Ago

Well, I'm here to tell you that dreams can come true! Guess who came to Cy Creek on February 20th to meet me? Another hint…He has been intrigued on how I am encouraging my district of 114,000 students and over 14,000 staff to become "Freds". He even nicknamed me Fredette! Yes, you are correct in your answer… it was Mark Sanborn from Denver, Colorado, author of The Fred Factor!!

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Hurry and Nominate

Posted by Andrea Barnes - 1 Month and 9 Days Ago

Have you ever been asked this question, “Why haven’t you completed the application?” It won’t take you long! What are you waiting for? Start now. Nominate a student, colleague, or yourself for the 180 Awards! It is a great way to show your appreciation and fondness for the daily hard work you see.

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Posted by Andrea Barnes - 1 Month and 23 Days Ago

READ 180 RED ROUTINES are perfect with every lesson! Get your students writing, reacting, and conversing with every lesson. Here's how to use the IDEA WAVE, THINK (WRITE)-PAIR-SHARE, and NUMBERED HEADS with the remaining READ 180 Workshops.

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Inspiration For Everyone

Posted by Andrea Barnes - 2 Months and 7 Days Ago

Do you need inspirational thought-provoking video clips to inspire students or staff? Look no further than Mark Sanborn's Videos. These videos can be shown and accompany any Workshops in the rBook.

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A Gift of Kindness

Posted by Andrea Barnes - 2 Months and 21 Days Ago

Think about a world of giving back, being thoughtful, and acknowledging the fantastic people around you. Let's make 2017 a year where we teach our READ 180 students to be superheroes to the people they encounter. Here are two great books to use in accomplishing your mission.

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Celebrating Educator Excellence

Posted by Andrea Barnes - 3 Months and 12 Days Ago

The 180 Educator Awards: Celebrating Stories of Achievement in READ 180MATH 180 and System 44. Each year, we ask educators to nominate their colleagues to recognize their dedication and achievements inside and outside the classroom.

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Appreciation and Thankfulness Go Hand in Hand

Posted by Andrea Barnes - 3 Months and 21 Days Ago

Teach the gift of appreciation and thankfulness with the following:
1. Thank You Messages
2. Class Silent Auction
3. Reading Snowball Fight

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Get ready, get set, READ, and finish that book!

Posted by Andrea Barnes - 4 Months and 17 Days Ago

Classroom competitions can keep the excitement going throughout the long months of the year!

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Creating Background for Every Workshop

Posted by Andrea Barnes - 5 Months and 1 Day Ago

The following "Onion" activity is for Universal ReaL Book Workshop #4 for middle school students.

Using the "onion" to get students building background knowledge, talking to one another and building their fluency in Workshop #4. This activity can be referred to all week in Whole Group and Wrap-Up. 

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