Organizing Do Nows/React and Writes?

There are many short writing assignments in the Read 180 program which don't fit into the rBooks. Last year I had students keep journals to write their Do Nows/React and Writes but they were messy and tedious to grade. I teach Next Gen Stage B. What are some other organization methods you guys have tried?

By alflynn
Posted on: July 07 2017
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  • AskDee

    I like a quick method of walking about the room and using a marker to make a large check next to every answer as students finish. It's a quick way to keep track with no collecting and grading. One other method is to use the answers as a Think-Write-Pair-Share activity and call on students to share their partners' answers rather than grading. I always recommend quick reinforcement as students complete activities, not necessarily grading. You can do surprise grading to keep them honest. Dee

    I am going to be using GoogleClassroom and Socrative for these types of writing assignments along with writing in their journal. I also use the spiral notebooks for their independent reading work, they cut them out and glue them in, I had great luck with that last year, no missing papers, easier to track what they are doing.

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